The Dreadform Rampage

The eternal conflict between Zvoltz and Mysrai sparked anew as Mysrai utilised a new weapon. Seeking vengeance for Her injury by Zvoltz’s hammer, the Shifting Goddess released the Dreadform of Iklara from the depths of Her realm. Riding it into battle against Zvoltz and Hallifax, a furious fight broke out in the skies over the Beacon of Harmony. Trading harsh words and even harsher blows, Zvoltz unseated Mysrai from Her spot atop the beast. While Mysrai desperately urged the Dreadform to flee, it turned upon Zvoltz, dealing Him a grievous injury. With the last of His strength, Zvoltz struck the Dreadform with His mighty hammer, Ays Onid, turning the beast to crystal.

Desperate to escape but slowly being encased in immobile quartz, the Dreadform stole away to the Skarch Desert where is crashed and shattered. While both Mysrai and Zvoltz sent their Divine Orders to take control of the crystal pieces they were beaten to the bunch by three unknown entities. Two of the voiceless bodies wanted the pieces turned over to them, while they fought a Mysterious Presence who had taken control of them. Finally, the Mysterious Presence destroyed the pieces, scattering them over the Basin of Life before fleeing. Mysrai provided Her followers with an orb of cosmic emanations to track the lost pieces. Isune, who was caring for the fallen form of the Architect, provided His servants with a similar orb.

After a slow start, Viynain Erid’in, Kergarn Sablewing, Persayis Dreyriandi, and Iari Nightshade succeeded in finding three of the pieces. Very shortly after, Blake of the Sentinels, Skye of the Aeromancers, and Pejat of the Symphonium recovered the other three pieces for the Architect. Along the way, the incorporeal beings helped in the search. When each group returned the orb to their Patrons, each Elder set about to seal away the Dreadform for their own designs. Recognizing the mysterious presences as a Merchant of Thelem and the Silver Dynodeon, each god brought them fully into the physical realm.

Gravely wounded and leaning upon Viynain Erid’in, the Thousandfold undertook a ritual, calling the Dreadform to rest within Her realm. Having become unstable, the Dreadform shattered once more, this time into copies of itself that began to rampage throughout the Shifting City. Tasking the Indigo Merchant with gathering home the pieces of what the mysterious, robed figure called the Exiled, Mysrai vanished, ordering Her Beloved to protect the Shifting City by aiding the Merchant.

With the aid of Xenthos An’Ryshe, Morkarion n’Lochli, and Elanorwen Nightshade, the Beloved set to subduing the monstrous beings. Even as the followers of the Thousandfold fell in droves, Shuyin of the Illuminati, Viynain Erid’in, and Kregarn Sablewing gathered them in battle. Amidst the roaring fury, Mysrai appeared once more, imbuing Rolan Vessandril with the powers of Avatar and ordering him to slaughter in Her name. And so the Beloved did, hunting down the shards of the Dreadform and delivering them to Auvi Ama’rua, who gave them, piece by painstaking piece, to the Indigo Merchant. After a long and grisly battle, the Indigo Merchant delivered the Dreadform – “Exiled” – to a rift, and vanished, saying only these cryptic words:

“Convey my obeisance to the Thousandfold. I will await the Illuminated and their servants as is traditional.”

Meanwhile, with Isune supporting Him so that He could remain upright, Zvoltz took the orb and began a powerful working. Chanting in Ae, His divine voice rang out across the City of Spires. As the ritual intensified, the sheer amount of energy overwhelmed the weakened god. As the uncontained power burst across the Realm of the Architect, the Dreadform of Iklara consolidated into multiple forms which raged through the City. With Zvoltz gone and His voice silent, the Silver Dynodeon initiated its containment protocols. However, the undermanned Labourers had little success against the godlike Dreadforms, which commenced to rampage through the Basilica of the Architect and the City of Spires unrestrained, slaughtering all who entered their path.

Finally, the warriors of other nations answered the desperate besieged of the Architect’s Order. Kalas Ixion and Morkarion n’Lochli took to hunting and slaughtering the monsters, delivering them unto the unfailingly cheerful Silver Dynodeon. Upon completion of the hunt, the Dynodeon entreated them to tell Mister Zvoltz what a good job he’d done.

Some days later, the realm lay silent, yet scarred, wounded still, and echoingly empty from the rage of the Dreadform. Questions hang in the empty air over the origin of the Indigo Merchant and Silver Dynodeon, the relationship between Mysrai, Zvoltz, and the Dreadform.

Most alarming, however, was the re-emergence of the Mysterious Presence, which was the same force that had earlier descended upon the unearthing of the Lost Book a few years earlier. What was it that led to it now haunting the strange obelisk in the Skarch. Was there a connection with the Lost Book?

The answers to these questions, however, have disappeared with the Dreadform.

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