Challenge of War

Avechna called out for the mightiest of warriors to come out and they did, indeed! Gathering upon Mount Avechna, teams were selected and the matches began. First to battle was the team from the Grand Province of Magnagora made up of: Kalas Ixion, Fillin and Munsia D’cente` versus the multi-national team of Malarious, Ethelon a’Ishial and Xena. In the end, it was Ixion’s team that stood triumphant.

The city of Hallifax was kind enough to open its arena to the challenges as well and this is where the second round occurred. In this round, Shedrin Shevat, Morbo Gordian and Wobou Zayah squared off against Chade Alin’dor, Xedrik Vivalde, and Azula Vivalde. The battle was fast and brutal. In the end, it was Shedrin’s team that claimed victory.

The third tournament occurred alongside the second within the Avenger’s arena. The all-Glomdoring team of Svorai Stormcrow, Nicholo Nightshade and Nihta Nightshade battled against the all-Celestian team of Kelly McCloud, Inagin La’Saet and Placeus Diluculo. In the end, it was Glomdoring’s team that beat out Celest.

The final team was decided by forfeit, as the team of Viynain, Lorina and Talan ceeded the match to Vadi, Shuyin and Sidd before it could even begin.

The War games shall come to their final conclusion in the next weave, at the same time as the first. The teams from the losing bracket shall still have a chance to redeem themselves in hopes of claiming the coveted Medallion of War!

The four teams from today’s winning bracket shall face off against each other until only two teams remain. The four losing teams shall do the same until only two teams are left in their bracket. The two victors from the losing bracket shall then face off against the losers from the winning bracket for a chance to claim a spot in the final games.

In the end, the four teams shall face off in random 1v1 matches until one team stand triumphant. From that team, a bearer for the Medallion shall be chosen either by consensus or a free for all battle!

The warriors of Lusternia returned again to finish their battles to see who would claim the Medallion of War. All the teams from the previous challenges returned, some to try and redeem themselves for another chance at the Medallion while others sought to maintain their dominance in the battles.

Eight battles raged throughout the day. Some drawn out battles between two entrenched sides, while other battles were swift and violently ended. When all was said and done, two teams stood upon Mount Avechna, ready to battle for the Medallion of War. The all Magnagoran team of Fillin, Munsia D’cente`, and Kalas Ixion battled against the Gaudiguch-Glomdoring team of Sidd, Shuyin and Vadi Stormcrow. The battle raged on with both teams unwilling, at first, to stray into the area of the other. In the end, however, it was the Magnagoran team who stood triumphant and it was Ixion who claimed the Medallion of War.

The valiant attempts of the runners up were not ignored, however. Ixion’s teammates, Munsia and Fillin won 500 credits each. While all the members of the qualifying teams: Xena, Malarious, Ethelon, Vadi, Shuyin, Sidd, Svorai, Nicholo and Nihta each won 100 credits.

Celebrate your victories for now, mortals! However, Almighty Kethuru still rages against His prison and before too long the challenge of the Seal of Harmony will be upon the Basin.

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