Birth of the Giving Tree

For many days, druids felt the pain and suffering that suddenly afflicted the trees of the forests while the Moonhart Mother Tree and Master Ravenwood Tree began to sicken. Both Serenwilde and Glomdoring were alarmed at this development and eventually made their way to the Tree of Trees to beseech the help of this ancient Great Spirit.

Among those who arrived were Vadi, Svorai, Isael, Xydral, and Xenthos from the Forest of Glomdoring, as well as Shycia, Vasnier, Eritheyl, Raeri, Xiran, Sivas, Kyair and Eoroi from Serenwilde. Eritheyl of Hallifax also stood witness. However, only the druids were able to discern the alien thoughts of the Tree of Trees. It became apparent that the trees were all suffering greatly from the Wounded Sky, as years of the chaotic weather were finally beginning to takes its toll. The Great Spirit of Trees beseeched the druids to begin a new ritual, called the hai’Gloh Ail’an.

Taking the lead, Spirit Warden Xenthos An’Ryshe remembered the ancient hai’Gloh rituals of the fae, and began the arduous task of setting up the rite. In the end, a plant emerged unlike any that anyone had seen. It quickly withered and died, but left behind the Seed of Ail’an, which was taken and planted outside of the Cave of Nature.

Thus, the Ail’an Gloria grew into existence, also known as the Giving Tree, a special guardian tree created by the Tree of Trees itself and endowed to help protect the forests from the inclement weather. For now, then, the forests are safe thanks to the Ail’an Gloria, but how long this may last remains unknown and the druids are left troubled.

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