An aging perspective

It’s a unique experience to play one of the most critically viewed divine in all of Lusternia. You either hate my character or love her. You may feel she is played by someone who is running on a temper tantrum, or some other aspect of mild mannered thought of explanation as to why she is ‘just so mean to xyz character’ etc.

On the reverse side, I took up a character almost five years ago, that the original player had left behind. There were rumors of things the god had done in the past that some might have viewed out of her personality. When I decided to take the role of Terentia, I knew it would be difficult. Celest at the time had a poor view of the god, there was poor history to handle, and there was the fact that I, as a player, had no idea what Celest’s theology was about.

I’ve played IRE games for over thirteen years now. I’ve been in the upper echelons of combat, politics, and roleplay. I’ve seen most of it, and heard about most of it. So I was up for the challenge that this ‘City of Light’ was going to bring.

I’ve had my moments of wondering why I continue to do this. It’s a hard thing to do. I have a full time job that exceeds 70 hours a week in a very demanding field. (Ever wonder how those political figures stay in office? Check their campaign staff…Hi.) I also have a secondary job as a promoter in nightclubs. I live in Las Vegas, a city that beckons you to come test the sinfully delightful ways of the dark nightlife, often until the sun rises…and then some.

So when trying to decide what exactly keeps me coming back to log onto a game, I have to realize it’s pretty much one group of people.

and no, it’s not the other gods in the Havens. I love them dearly, but most of them are on my facebook, or my email, or some other method of communication that doesn’t really mean I’m limited to seeing them only when I log in.

It’s the organizations I patron, and my order. To know that those people are actually influenced by things I do/build/create/roleplay, to know that there are players who actually feel that their game experience is heightened by being in my order and to that end – they push themselves exceptionally hard to stay in the good graces of a divine who on the most gracious of scales can be considered ‘difficult’, is awe-inspiring to me.

While an order is sometimes a very difficult challenge to some, I consider it both my reward, and a way to keep me inspired.

So. Thanks. For years of continued dedication to Lusternia, for years of continued efforts towards building better guilds, improving your cities, and working with each other to make this place not just a better game – but a better place for all the gods too, thank you.

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