Certain skills and spells require power, a special form of energy. These 
skills and spells are known as feats. Players draw this power from their 
personal energy reserves, which are in turn filled from the nexus of power 
in that player's city or nature commune. Generally, the maximum amount of 
personal power available at any time are 10 power points. Performing feats 
drains the power level, such amount drained dependent on the feat. Power 
quickly replenishes from the personal energy reserves.

Feats are the most spectacular and impressive spells and skills available 
to players; however, especially in combat, it takes experience to know how 
to regulate using feats. Is it better to wait for your opponent to use a 
feat that drains his or her power before doing your own feat? When do you 
use your most powerful feats that cost 10 power? When is it better to do 
smaller, less power-expensive feats rather than the big ones? Power and 
feats add a dynamic dimension to strategy and tactics.