3.1   Communication    The importance of communication in Lusternia.
   3.2   Say              Saying things.
   3.3   Tells            Telling something to a specific player.
   3.4   Shout            Shouting something to the whole land.
   3.5   News             Lusternia's news system.
   3.5.1 Readnext         A quicker way.
   3.6   Emoting          Acting out things.
   3.7   Channels         Communicating with defined groups of people.
   3.7.1 Hall Monitors    What they are, what not to do.
   3.7.2 MetaMonitors     The bane of halls, and alls!
   3.8   Emotions         Pre-defined emotions and how to use them.
   3.9   Signs            Reading signs posted about the land.
   3.10  Messaging        Sending private messages to other players.
   3.11  Mail             The city-state's postal system.
   3.12  Projects         Organizing projects within organizations.
   3.13  Advertisements   Informing people of things you'd like to buy/sell.
   3.14  Snubbing         Ignore a particularly annoying person.