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A Prayer to the Supernals by AramantosWinner
I'm the Princess of The Rainbow by IalieRunner-Up
Villagers' Lament: "Comes the Great Hunt" by SeliaRunner-Up
Fear by EpheMerit
Love Is by AraeMerit
Predator, My Muse by EthnaMerit
Sonnets of Supernal Praise by SeliaWinner
The Ballad of Hamos by GurashiRunner-Up
Seer Sight by LendrenMerit
Medicine, What About Tea? by AraeMerit
Hymn of Hidden Life by XiranRunner-Up
To Grow Up by AraeMerit
A Poetry Contest by IalieMerit
Comparative Aesthetics by LendrenWinner
Anything at All? by IlisaRunner-Up
Nawaiolahou: The Ascended War by AlarinMerit
Shadows in the Fold by IllyriaWinner
Unnumbered by LendrenRunner-Up
The Story of Alarin Ka'liati by AlarinMerit
Vessel - a stage script by EritheylMerit
Aspects of the Triune Lady by Lilalue
A is for Aquamancer by TrakisWinner
Rainmaker by EritheylRunner-Up
Thaldorn: Supervision Not Optional by Alarin