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Unchanging Grace by Cienoa

Runner-Up for April 2023

Standing comfortably beneath her Arbour

Does Raziela sing

No sword

No armor


Her voice empowered by the Light

Her hands held open

A warm invite


Against the Taint does she stand

No flame to wield

No shield in hand


But she does not shy from taking action

Through Love

Through warmth

And with Compassion



Those weary

Those worn

Those forgotten


Find rest in her embrace

Lie amongst her daisies

A bastion of Love for the downtrodden



Those tainted

Those stained

Those confused


Find cleansing in her dazzling pink light

Relax beneath her boughs

A bulwark against that which has left your mind, body, and spirit bruised


So come

All who seek her embrace

Love unconditional

Unchanging grace