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Recent Events

Return of the Machine God
October 16, 2016

To the joy of many, Roark's beacon within the Transcendant Fulcrux burned brightly into the sky, calling an Elder God home to the First World. That joy quickly turned to consternation and horror

A Day in the Life of an Old Admin
October 09, 2016

The automatic doors slide open with a soft whoosh as a susurrus of conversation rolls over me like a breaking wave. It

August Vesteran Honours
October 06, 2016

For the August Vesteran Honours, Irillia won the bardic  contest with the play titled, "Flight and Fortuity". In the artisanal category, Lylith won with the portrait titled "Lylith and Companion

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Achievement Gained
Alexin has completed the Convert achievement.
Level Gained
Alexin earned level 40.
Achievement Gained
Kiwalao has completed the On A Quest! achievement.
Level Gained
Kiwalao earned level 2.
Achievement Gained
Kiwalao has completed the Map In Hand achievement.