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Recent Events

Mamaac the Melder and the Sword of Serenity
May 16, 2017

It was not long ago that Serenwilde was visited by the half-formed named Xarriv the Reaver, who had followed the memories of Charune, Lord of the Hunt across the Void and into the First World,

Gaudiguch - From the Ashes
May 10, 2017


Deception and Madness Unleashed
May 09, 2017

Chiku Swiftpad had never really been outside the Shanthmark Lodge. She was devoted to her studies, and more than a little determined to exceed the others in their meditations and their trials. It

Lusternia Live

Player Death
Gero was slain by Kendra (Victim had 140% the might).
Level Gained
Bellamy earned level 20.
Level Gained
Drovic earned level 20.
Level Gained
Drovic earned level 19.
Level Gained
Bellamy earned level 19.