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Recent Events

Elemental Upheavals and a Hidden Artist Colony
August 17, 2015

All was quiet, yet all was amiss, when the Manifestations disappeared. Unnoticed, they slinked away, out of perception, not a trace of their disappearance left behind. That is, until they started

June Vesteran Honours
August 07, 2015

For the June Vesteran Honours, Vasilissa won the bardic  contest with the story titled, "Drinker of Tears". In the artisanal category, persayis won with the portrait titled "The Nightmare". Check

Return of the Forest Dreamer
July 27, 2015

The calm of Kiani was broken when a strange whistle reverberated throughout the Basin of Life and the skies churned with light and energy. Soon after, a gentle weight swept into the body: the

Lusternia Live

Player Death
Olegdhul has been slain by the might of a willowy fae of nature.
Level Gained
Olegdhul earned level 16.
Level Gained
Olegdhul earned level 15.
Achievement Gained
Olegdhul has completed the Gnome Slayer achievement.
Level Gained
Olegdhul earned level 14.