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Recent Events

Hooray for the Baby Animal Wrangler!
May 04, 2016

A commotion occurred in Avechna's Peak this month as a number of baby animals, being grown to increase the numbers in the Nature Reserve, escaped their pens and began to run amok within the

February Vesteran Honours
April 08, 2016

For the February Vesteran Honours, Sylandra won the bardic  contest with the play titled, "Flying Against the Wind". In the artisanal category, Zarialle won with the portrait titled "Yarou n'

A Skunk by Any Other Name
April 04, 2016

The Great Spirit Skunk chose a quiet day for his return to Faethorn. Perhaps it was indeed that quietness that attracted his mischievous nature, or something entirely different, but the serene

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Achievement Gained
Nuzi has completed the Refills achievement.
Achievement Gained
Idrabetta has completed the Complete A Quest achievement.
Achievement Gained
Idrabetta has completed the Don't Fink, Just Do achievement.
Level Gained
Idrabetta earned level 3.
Achievement Gained
Idrabetta has completed the On A Quest! achievement.