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Recent Events

A Geomancer's Dream
January 11, 2015

As adventurers far and wide prepared themselves for the coming Ascension Trials, the rest of the Basin continued in motion, the Soulless threat looming over them like a dark shadow. In Magnagora,

Ascension Event 2015
January 04, 2015

As events culminated in the Saga of the Scourge of Nature, the small, hidden Soulless God known as Nemach merged his essence with nature through the healing mound of Mornhai, an

Trapping the Soulless
January 03, 2015

Lanterns trailed through the sky, vessels of prayer set aloft as mortals gathered to see the ritual completed. It was not long, however, before the memories of the aslaran turned from hope to fear

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Ferre earned level 6.
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Selna earned level 81.