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Kaelye Saved and Garosaurs Tamed

In Tzarin of the year 515 COE, a great crash echoed across the fabric reality, and a booming explosion rose from the vicinity of the northern Ackleberry Highway. “Auttakaa minua!” a mysterious voice cried, and a tall, blue-furred humanoid was spotted dashing past the Triple Junction and towards the Tar Pits. Citizens of every city…
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A Kelpie in Mornhai

In an unusually chill Avechary, a croaking shout emerged from the Razines, as the ‘DAGGUM CLOUDS BLOCKIN’ OUT THE SUN’ were indeed to blame for the lowered temperatures. Arriving quickly, Portius Nitraedes of Hallifax and Lord Kogon of New Celest quickly found a crotchety old kelpie by the name of Totarue trekking his way further…
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November 2018 Newsletter

  Celebrations and Hauntings Veritus n’Rotri and the Stuff One of Magnagora’s most influential citizens sends forth an aether broadcast to chit chat with any who care to tune in. If you have a question for the Divine Havens or ideas for a new video, send them to! Anniversary Celebration Events Lusternia celebrated its…
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Arrival of the Kaelye

Sentient beings of a brand new race have appeared in Lusternia, following the arrival of the sinkers, the linorii, and garosaurs of months past. Adventurer of Lusternia have made contact with one particular such being, Taimi Kivinen, who stays now with a group her people, who are called the kaelye, at in the crash site…
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On Weather, Research, and Consequences

Dear Baby Sister, How are you doing? I hope your children are treating you well, and that you are safe? Tell them to forgive their Auntie Constance for not writing for some years. There’s been strange weather in the world lately, and such strange happenings, and not even in Duum Village itself, if you can…
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Ghosts and Other Hauntings

Atropos would be most grateful if you put these ghosts into the Portal of Fate while she repairs the Shears of Fate. As a reward, if you rescue 20 ghosts, Atropos will give you a yummy little treat! (NOTE: Ghosts will dissipate after this event, so please don’t try to hoard them in your manses…
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  • gaudiguch

    Player Controlled Organisations

    Being a member of a city or commune means more than just political affiliation, for it creates an actual, spiritual bond between the member and the nexus, enabling that person to draw power from the nexus.

  • Trill

    Multitudes of Immersive Skills

    Archetypes, or classes, are unique in that there are certain branches and/or specializations based on a simple skillweb that are only open to certain archetypes. In addition to all the common skills, archetypes receive one primary skill, and two secondary skills. They also are given the choice of one a trade skill.

  • web-front-5

    Rich and Captivating History

    From the beginning of the universe to the troubling past of today, every aspect of lore and history is known and retold. Who was Yudhe? How did the races form from the Elder Gods? All these answered and more...

  • race_krokani

    Customizable Player Options

    Though not all Elder Gods splintered into a race nor all mortal races came to be in this manner, it remains true that all Lusternians believe that within each of them is contained the fragment of a god. Thus it is said that the god-fragment within can potentially evolve through the cycles of birth and rebirth until perfection is achieved and the fragment is made whole, becoming a divine in his or her own right.


An Immersive World

Discover the rich world of Lusternia and its endless possibilities! Vie for power and influence as a leader in one of dozens of player-run organisations. Compete for top rankings in combat, or become a learned scholar and teach the masses about Lusternia's rich history. Delve into the complex economy, master a tradeskill or two, and amass a fortune in gold. Commission a ship and explore the depths of aetherspace. And much, much more!

A Friendly Community

We have a fantastic community of players dedicated to extending the Lusternian experience beyond the game!


Player-Driven Politics

Each city, commune and guild organization is run by a government made up of elected players and player-appointed players. One of the major responsibilities of a ruling council is to keep the energy reserves of their nexus of power high. There are power quests which its members can perform to help replenish the nexus, but one of the major methods is for players to influence villages and bring them under their sphere of control.

Engaging Player vs Player Combat

Combat in Lusternia is handled different for mobile vs. player combat and player vs. player combat. Player combat involves much more than simply inflicting damage on your opponent. Not only can individual body parts be damaged, with different, harmful effects resulting from enough cumulative damage on a body part, but there are hundreds of afflictions that can be inflicted on an opponent.


Extensive Crafting System

Players can choose to become a crafter by picking a tradeskill, or two, or three, or more! Craft an earring one day, an origami the next and your own bed to sleep in. Our trades are: Alchemy, Bookbinding, Brewmeister, Cooking, Enchantment, Herbs, Jewelry, Lorecraft, Poisons, Spellcraft, Tailoring, Tattoos, Tinkering.

Constantly Evolving World

Each year brings a new overarching story line interwoven through major events involving the world at large. New areas, quests and content are available at regular intervals with news posts archiving events for everyone to see.

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