8.1   Guild                    What is a guild?
8.2   Classlist                A Listing of the Lusternian Classes.
8.3   Guild System             The Lusternia System of Guilds.
8.4   Guild Leader             Elected Office of Guild Leader.
      8.4.1 Guildhall Changes  Making hall changes or additions.
8.5   Guild Appointed          Appointed Offices of a Guild.
      8.5.1 Guild Privileges   Investible Powers for Ranks/Positions.
      8.5.2 Managing Tasks     Task System for guild advancement.
      8.5.3 Awarding Points    Awarding points for guild tasks.
8.6   Guild Promote and Demote Commending or reprimanding fellow members.
8.7   Membership               How to see the membership of your guild.
8.8   Guild News               Guild-specific news sections.
8.9   Guildtell                Speak to members who are on-line.
8.10  Guild Logs               A record of important guild activity.
8.11  Choosingaguild           Tips on making a very important choice.
8.12  Changingguilds           Switching guilds.
8.13  Guild Points System      Receive points for completing Tasks.