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Recent Events

Founding of the Gourmet Ghetto
April 05, 2014

Alerted by screams of agony bellowing out of the village Delport, the mortals of the Basin rushed to investigate, only to find the village mostly filled with hideous abominations, shadows of the

February Vesteran Honours
April 02, 2014

For the February Vesteran Honours, Portius won the contest with the short story titled, "The Life of Ilesa Windwhisper". In the artisanal category, Arimisia won with

The Cyaethl Affair
March 25, 2014

Relative peace across the southern Basin was disturbed when cries for help were heard from several villages, but quickly cut off, leaving only a sinister silence. An

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Celadan has completed the Score! achievement.
Level Gained
Jesiah earned level 41.
Achievement Gained
Triton has completed the Don't Fink, Just Do achievement.
Level Gained
Triton earned level 3.
Level Gained
Kalilike earned level 64.