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Recent Events

October Vesteran Honours
November 20, 2014

For the October Vesteran Honours, Thayan won the bardic  contest with the play titled, "The Disappearance of Sako Tleem". In the artisanal category, Daganev won with his rendition of "The

Nighthawks and Moonfire: Struggles of the Divine
November 13, 2014

A few short years after the sky split wide and revealed the return of the Silver Goddess, Her four Void-weary cohorts in tow, the mortals of the Serenwilde Forest noticed a cloud of silver

Tales of the Flesh
November 02, 2014

What with Atropos' shears having been 'misplaced', the departed souls of the slain were left roaming the Basin circa Roarkian, 396. The mortals who went about gathering these ghosts on Atropos'

Lusternia Live

Level Lost
Mistral dropped to level 56.
Player Death
Len has been gored by the tusks of a mighty ice mammoth.
Level Gained
Ryndel earned level 18.
Level Gained
Kalliste earned level 82.
Achievement Gained
Tabachoy has completed the Complete A Quest achievement.