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Recent Events

The Curse of the Jungle
August 28, 2016

Roughly a month passed before Doctor Creshok was revisited by Falmiis and Ileein Shevat and Tamashi of Hallifax, who asked whether or not the cure for the skinrot outbreak was ready. It was, at

Children's Hour
August 27, 2016

Unspared, even the Blasted Lands suffered massive ill-effect from the curse of Brother Lion. The lands were overrun and the gravediggers likewise became extra menacing. But, what of the children?

Welcome to the Jungle
August 26, 2016

Something was amiss.

Mraxin, the Perihelion of the Dawnburst Druids, had not returned for months, years even. It was Turiki, the Guardian of the Aphelion, who took it upon herself to

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Cadmiel has been slain by the might of an exquisite priestess.
Achievement Gained
Luxi has completed the Lay Of The Land achievement.
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Teleos earned level 67.
Level Gained
Saz earned level 80.
Achievement Gained
Vhale has completed the Some Personal Space achievement.