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Recent Events

The Emerald Enclave
April 17, 2015


The Aegis of Vestera
April 15, 2015

Thunder split the sky above the Balach Swamp, and reality was torn asunder as a rift opened at its centre, spilling the nightmares of Great Muud on an unsuspecting world.

The Keepers of Dreams
April 15, 2015

Power stirred within the First World, and Dreamweavers throughout the land - though few in number - were the first to feel the touch of the Dreaming upon the Basin of Life. It was not long before

Lusternia Live

Achievement Gained
Krexan has completed the Mucka's Terror achievement.
Arena Duel
Yacsee defeated Steingrim in the Pyrodome of the Kaleidoscopic Trials.
Achievement Gained
Ior has completed the Valedictorian achievement.
Achievement Gained
Krexan has completed the Status achievement.
Player Death
Steingrim was slain by Saoirse (Victim had 110% the might).