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Recent Events

July Vesteran Honours
September 01, 2014


For the July Vesteran Honours, Portius won the bardic  contest with the epic titled, "The Glorious Expedition". In the artisanal category, Arimisia won with

June Vesteran Honours
August 04, 2014

For the June Vesteran Honours, Nimhuire won the bardic  contest with the villanelle titled, "Moondancer Villanelle". In the artisanal category, Arimisia won with the

Lost Secrets of the Paladins Revealed
July 22, 2014

During Klangiary, 388CE, those versed in the arts of Sacraments were given to visions of a paladin seeking their aid. Briefly confirming with others in New Celest whether they had visions as well

Lusternia Live

Level Gained
Kwan earned level 49.
Player Death
Elodres became the target of a hulking three-horned bull's violent rage.
Player Death
Desmend was slain by Desmand (Victim had 100% the might).
Arena Duel
Nilofer defeated Tanin in the Midnight Coliseum.
Achievement Gained
Tyrland has completed the Don't Fink, Just Do achievement.