New Celest

Resurgence of the Light

Out of the ashes of the fallen Holy Celestine Empire, which saw the destruction of the imperial capital on the Isle of Celest, survivors fled as far from the Tainted area as possible, relocating to the western side of the Inner Sea. There, the Celestines and Aquamancers consecrated a new Pool of Stars, once again establishing a connection to the Light, and thus arose New Celest to challenge the darkness. Paladins were re-established as the Holy Warriors of the Light, charged with protecting the fledgling city. However, the peoples of the Basin of Life did not flock to New Celest as they did to Celestine Empire of old. Wrongly or rightly, they blamed the Empire for the Taint and the name of 'Celest' still held bitter memories. Nevertheless, New Celest struggled and survived, yearning for the days of old and hoping to see the return of the Empire's former glory when all the Basin of Life was united under the Light.

Nexus: The Pool of Stars

The nexus of power in New Celest is the Pool of Stars, located in the center of the city's hub. It simultaneously exists on the elemental plane of water and the cosmic plane of Celestia.

Native Races

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Available Classes


Archons of Justice

Protectors of the innocent; vanquishers of injustice; proctors of peace: these are just a few of the monikers attributed to the Archons of Justice. When tragedy struck, the early founders of the Archons united not only to help the people of New Celest forge ahead but also to ensure that the innocents of the greater Basin were not left behind. Following in the footsteps of The Dawn's Promise, the group was recognised early on for wielding great wisdom and compassion in protecting those who could not protect themselves. Among this select group, today one will encounter a diverse range of methodologies used to enact justice throughout the lands and return souls to the Light. Perhaps most renowned for their diplomats and dignitaries, who seek out any imbalance of power and use their guile to restore order, the Archons' largest numbers reside in the cadre of stalwart defenders who sacrifice their own safety in order to act as shields against evil in all its forms. Yet, other members of the Archons also do their part to make the Basin a better place, from merchants who empower fair business practices with honest scales to adventurers who engage quests of honour in order to aid the less fortunate.

The Supernals most associated with the Archons of Justice are Japhiel, Illuminator of Merciful Justice, and Shakiniel, Defender of the Dawning Hope. The Tide Lords most commonly associated with the Archons of Justice are Skerriagh, of the High Tide, and Sarye, Lady of the Black Tide. The patron saints of the Archons of Justice are The Lord of Scales and The Dawn's Promise.


Ecclesiarchy of the Light

"All mortals possess an inner Light of truth, beauty, and love that must be fanned and encouraged. So sayeth Elohora, our Lady of the Eternal Light." --Saint Tresalyne Farain.

The Ecclesiarchy of the Light carries the revered traditions of Celest's most holy order into a new era, synthesising an ancient religion with a thriving cultural renaissance. Focusing their sermons on temperance, the Ecclesiarchy preaches of finding balance and harmony in all things. By embracing the grace found within the fluid nature of the tides, they aspire in all endeavours to reveal the faintest speck of twinkling hope within even the darkest of murky waters.

The Ecclesiarchy remains extraordinarily diverse, and among its members, one will encounter priests, scholars, healers, philosophers, historians, guardsmen, and artists of innumerable persuasions, all of whom share a deep calling to advance the harmonious teachings of the Light. The Church teaches that the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake serves as protection against the dangers of excessive zeal, and consequently one of the most sacred duties undertaken by the Ecclesiarchy is the detailed study of the manifold constellations and configurations of heavenly light. Many of the clergies also focus on their role as guardians of the spiritual well-being of the citizenry and seek always to uncover the blazing potential that lies so often hidden within each unique and treasured soul. In furtherance of this cause, they can often be found inspiring hope and insight through rapturous hymns and beautifully crafted relics of veneration, provoking introspection and discovery through both meditation and lively public debate, and restoring courage and morale as they smite the shadows that would obscure the light of the heavens.

Although the Ecclesiarchy is devoted to studying of all of the Holy Supernals and Tide Lords, the Eternal Patrons of the Church are Elohora, Lady of the Eternal Light and Loch, Lord of the Low Tide. The patron saint of the Ecclesiarchy of the Light is The Starlit Saint.


Sanctifiers of Loathys

Since the mortal rediscovery of the elemental planes by Emperor Nerale I in the earliest years of the Holy Celestine Empire, the Pool of Stars has been used as a conduit to channel power from the plane of Water in order to cleanse the sea and accelerate the healing of nearby lands from the havoc wrought by the Elder Wars. In the face of the modern infection of the Basin of Life by the Soulless god Kethuru, the Sanctifiers of Loathys have reinvigorated these efforts to rid the world of such evil. In pursuit of these goals, the Sanctifiers proclaim three primary foci of sanctification: first, sanctification of the spiritual self and mind, where practitioners seek a transcendental state known as Lumosis; second, sanctification of the physical self, whether by maintaining a healthy and pure form or by purging the touch of the Soulless or disease from others; and lastly, sanctification of the greater physical world by purging it of the Soulless. Some members of this community find themselves seeking out all of the hidden corners of reality in an effort to find and cleanse the soulless corruption that continues to plague existence. This aspect of the Sanctifiers is in itself quite diverse, including those who have plumbed the depths of the Basin's deepest crevices as well as many of the most formidable aethership captains in history. Whereas some dedicate their lives to studying and documenting these discoveries, others specialise explicitly in sanctifying the elements or healing the lands and living creatures scarred by the Taint. Yet others among the Sanctifiers instead focus their explorations almost exclusively on introspection, believing that reaching Lumosis better equips them to sanctify the wider world.

The Supernals most associated with the Sanctifiers of Loathys are Methrenton, Crusader of the Holy Flame, and Raziela, the Loving Radiance. The Tide Lords most associated with the Sanctifiers are Kintyre of the Rip Tide and Murlough of the Red Tide. Patron saints of the Sanctifiers of Loathys include The Flame's Blade and the Saint of Rapturous Ardour.

Available Classes


Archetype: Mage

The Aquamancers Guild are mages who devote themselves to the element of water, which they consider a healing and beneficial source of life. Holding a distinguished position in New Celest, Aquamancers use their powers both for protection and healing. They are extremely scholarly, though can use their chosen element as a powerful weapon.

Aquamancers are a mage archetype. Thus, they are required to take HighMagic as a common skill before being able to study the Elemental magic. Once having mastered Elemental magic, the Aquamancer then specializes in Elementalism, allowing them to travel to the elemental plane of water. The main secondary skill of a mage is Illusions. Aquamancers also at some point decide to be a runic mage by taking the skill of Runes, or a dream mage by taking the skill of Dreamweaving, or a psionic mage by taking Psionics (with the choice of specialization between Telepathy and Telekinesis).


Archetype: Bard

The Cantors are bards of the City of New Celest, singing the hymns and prayers of the Supernals in great reverence to Their glory. Founded on the 22nd of Tzarin, 160CE, the guild was born under Raflein's poem, his voice awakening the remnants of Rhapsody, whose essence is infused with all of the Cantors.

Wielding their holy instruments in hand, members of this Guild play songs of reverence to the Supernals, compounding the strength and glory of Celest in their lyrics. With songs that bespeak of hope and love, of courage and justice, and of light made incarnate, the Cantors play with such fervour and accuracy as to send Angels into a passionate frenzy, or inspire allies to achieve greatness.

The Cantors is a bard archetype guild, and are able to choose both Highmagic or Lowmagic. Their primary skill is that of Music, and they go on to specialise in Starhymn, the holy songs of Celest and Celestia. Acrobatics is the training of muscles and reflexes, which acts as a Bard's secondary skillsets. The Cantors can then take either Tarot or Illusions as their tertiary skillset.


Archetype: Guardian

The Celestine Guild is the priesthood of Light, both protecting and being protected by the angelic plane of Celestia. As the spiritual leaders of New Celest, they uphold the teachings of the Holy Supernals of Celestia, seeking justice and harmony for all. Once pledged to a Holy Supernal, the blessed Celestine is almost always accompanied by an angelic companion who helps in the good works in the name of the Light.

Celestines are a guardian archetype. Thus, they are required to take HighMagic as a common skill before being able to study Cosmic magic. Once having mastered Cosmic magic, the Celestine then specializes in Celestialism, allowing them to travel to the cosmic plane of Celestia and make pledges to the Holy Supernals. Their main secondary skill is Rituals, which when they master will allow them to specialize in Sacraments, thereby enhancing their holy powers. At some point Celestines choose either to take the Healing skill to become healers or to train in Tarot which is a more aggressive art or to study Astrology. Celestines may take Enchantment as a trade skill.


Archetype: Warrior

The Paladins Guild are the Holy Warriors of the Light. Like the Celestines, they are close to the angelic plane of Celestia, holding the teachings of Methrenton, Crusader of the Holy Flame, and Shakiniel, Defender of the Dawning Hope, in high regard.

Paladins are a warrior archetype. Thus, they take Knighthood as their primary skill, though they can specialize as a Blademaster or Bonecrusher upon reaching mastery. Like all warriors, they take Athletics as a secondary skill. They also may take Rituals as a secondary skill, and can specialize in Sacraments along with Celestines. Alternatively instead of Rituals, they may choose Hunting and specialize in Tracking.


Archetype: Monk

The school of Tahtetso was founded in 185CE, by virtue of the Queen of Queens Zenobia of the Undervault. Their primary weapon known as the Tahto staff, is wielded in both hands and each student is taught to use it for both attack and protection. The word Tahtetso comes from an unknown Kepheran root meaning "to be one with". Servitude to the Light plays a key role in the lives of the Tahtetso, but a prevailing tenet is to find balance within oneself by embracing Humility, Discipline and Sacrifice in the hopes of achieving Lumosis.

The Tahtetso are of the monk archetype. As such, they must first study kata before moving on to their mastery form of Tahtetso, or the mastery of wielding the Tahto staff. Their secondary skill is Harmony, a gift from the Kephera people, allowing them to combine the forces within their bodies to work in harmony with the elements around them in the form of Mantras. Further, the Tahtetso may choose to take Psionics, which further specializes into Psychometabolism, or the art of manipulating the energy of the Divine Spark, or Sila, within all mortal beings. If not Psionics, a Tahtetso can also choose Acrobatics.