Blemish curios represent a wide range of features that can be worn. They are part of Feature Curios (See HELP FEATURE CURIOS) and when worn lower prestige for charity influence battles. Below are the possible features:

Features                               | Suitability
bestial scar                           | Skin
torturous scar                         | Skin
a facial bark scar                     | Woods
a series of burns with irregular edges | Skin
a burn scar resembling a hand print    | Skin
pustules                               | Skin
calcified cracks                       | Crystal
scalerot                               | Scales
mange                                  | Fur

Suitability is defined as suggested usage, but other combinations are possible. Anything marked 'vague' does not use the word skin, and as such could in theory be easily found on someone with fur, scales, chitin, etc. Anything marked 'skin' mentions the word skin.

Blemish curios do not have built-in emotes like hair and beards, and they do not have pre-defined colours in their descriptions to ensure they match a wide variety of appearances easily.