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TitleThe Iniquitous Society
Post Date (Visible)September 2020

The Iniquitous Society

Dubbed as the 'new' guilds, and divorced from the skills of the individual, the guilds in Magnagora have had to define themselves in unique ways - no longer are they simply individuals who align with their abilities and thus share inherent bonds, but now they share broader purposes, enticing like-minded individuals and those with similar goals and aspirations. There has been difficulty as any member of Magnagora would tell you, in pin-pointing just what the guilds now embody, though they continue to evolve and develop over time, forging their own unique identities.

The Iniquitous Society, affectionately referred to simply as the Society, is a veritable melting pot of different individuals. Scholars, Artists, Priests, Warriors - all these and more find their place here, united not by faith or skill, but by a desire to see the culture of Magnagora spread, enhanced and refined. They stand for traditions and history, yet embrace the nature of the Engine of Transformation and pursue innovations and ingenuity, seeking to ever improve the city they love.

As the name suggests, social activity and interaction is common-place for these individuals - whether among themselves in small salons, or on a grand scale hosting masquerade balls and elaborate fairs and celebrations. Patrons of the arts, the Society are always the first to encourage local artists in competitions and exhibitions, ranging from submissions to the city cartels, to themed paintings that find themselves given pride of place on display within the Theatre of Bloody Threnodies. The Society fund these projects, giving upcoming and established artists alike recognition for their works, as well as prize money to continue to grow their talents and abilities.

Scientists find like-minded individuals within the Iniquitous, as well as state of the art equipment within their private laboratories. Edwin d'Vanecu is the Society's resident scientist, his intellect and experiments leading to a number of city and guild improvements. Perhaps his greatest achievement is the means by which the guild conducts and furthers their anomaly research - though of course the precise nature of it is a closely guarded secret, as well as its location - but by no means does the ingenuity of the guild end there. The Bureau of Innovation is a coterie within the Society that focuses on the common Magnagoran sciences, such as Geomancy and Necromancy, as well as engineering, chemistry, botany and all manner of subject with ultimate aims to enhance and further Magnagora and its citizens, keeping them as the pinnacle of civilisation within the Basin of Life.

Socialites are empowered within the Society to impact the citizenry, undertaking projects to further beautify the nation as well as find avenues to ensure the upper echelons remain refined, sparkling like a polished gem. Though progress has halted on the clock tower repairs - no fault of our own - the Society is the establishment that has funded and championed the endeavour. Gatherings both informal and formal are encouraged and hosted for all, from knowledge quizzes to feasts, from lectures and exhibition openings to intimate soirees and friendly competitions within the arena.

Lady Jamilah, the Iron Virtue presides over the exclusive teahouse of Magnagora, the one only available to the upper echelons of the citizenry. Perhaps not publicly realised, she stands as a tutor to the Society as well as the embodiment of just how one can rise to prominence and noble bearing from even the most basic of beginnings. Bearing no ancient noble lineage, still she is truly one of the diamonds within the crown of Magnagora, teaching by example how one can better themselves, a mantra the Society champions that is also a fundamental teaching of the Enchantress, one of the revered Patrons of the Engine. The Society works on many projects to enhance the city, but growth begins within, and all are encouraged and urged to expand their minds, their abilities, and their imaginings in all manner of ways.

Working in concert with the other guilds and the ministry of culture, the Society has taken the role of the backbone of Magnagora, the frame that holds the many unique pieces together, while also polishing and honing each part. Members are encouraged and empowered, with activity rewarded and new ideas welcomed and given room to grow and expand. No person is unfit for the Society - for as they join us, they too are refined and honed to be all the guild stands to be - bastions of Magnagora.