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Holy War by Aramantos

Merit for July 2022

Bleed with me, my brother.
What stronger bond can be formed?
Stand beside me as we face our enemies,
unwavering and resolute to our fate.
For, what is death but a new beginning?
To die for one's cause is the greatest honour.
May we be always worthy to heed that calling.
May the Light never find us wanting.
Draw your sword and charge forward!
Pressing into the thickening masses.
Evil and corruption blanket the basin,
Methrenton, guide us as we cleanse it.
Though we may be outnumbered in the battle,
we stand for the innocent and defenseless.
Who will protect the vulnerable from evil?
Shakiniel, aid us as we shield our families.
Free your heart of hate for our foes.
For, they do not realize their misdeeds.
Twisted and corrupt are their souls.
Raziela, fill our spirits with compassion.
Call now upon the judgement of holy Celestia.
Know there is clarity in this reckoning.
Know that not every fate is understood.
Japhiel, raise our awareness to new heights.
Bleed with me, my brother.
Let us walk shoulder to shoulder into this war.
May we laugh in the face of death.
Elohora, guide our spirits home.