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Mysteries, a Preface of by Sorsha

Merit for June 2022

There's something to be said about the mysteries that hide within the pyramids of the city of Freedom. Is that what draws the populace to her walls or is there simply an allure to those who call themselves citizens? It can be hard to decipher just what brings the unenlightened to her doorstep, but one dracnari has attempted to unravel the mysteries found within.

From the cosmic plane of Vortex to the Eternal Flame that houses the energy the city draws on, Aruma Iborchi found himself in quite a predicament. He was a self-proclaimed Enlightened Master, honing his abilities as an illuminatus, but wasn't quite as smart as he told his fellow citizens. Was there something that dulled his mind each time he delved beneath the pyramids to find their secrets or was he simply just addled in the brain?

No matter the copious amounts of okorushi powder that he smoked or the substantial bottles of fire whiskey he quaffed daily, he just could not find what he was looking for. Evoking the sphere of Hod didn't even boost his mental capacity as it should have. Peculiar yet, even his guild master, the most Honorable Sayro Miim, Arch-Prelate of the Seekers of Illumination, could not explain just what it was about Aruma that did not sit well with her.

She could not find the reasons as to why the illuminated dracnari was much slower in comprehending the materials than his peers. All she had to go on was his piqued interest of the pyramids that housed the guilds before the Great Loss and the pure hunger for knowledge that he exhibited.

Still, what can a Seeker do if he cannot comprehend that which he is learning? What use was he to the Arch-Prelate?

That was what Aruma Iborchi was going to find out, sooner or later.