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I'm the Princess of The Rainbow by Ialie

Runner-Up for May 2022

(Set to music!)


I'm the princess of the rainbow,
Here to entertain so,
Get your friends, act like you know,
The princess of the rainbow.

Get your eyes on me,
I'm all your gonna see,
Red blue green,
You’re a victim to my rainbowmancy,
Did you get hurt,
I'll play a majorthird,
And then I'll have to mesmerize you,
Hanging on my every word,

Hey I can be,
Anything that you need,
With a little glamor,
I can bring you ecstasy,
Did you get lost?
I'll see you through the night,
Another victim,
Dazzled by my rainbow light

I'm the princess of the rainbow,
You are here to feed my ego,
Get your friends act, like you know
The princess of the rainbow