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The Ballad of Hamos by Gurashi

Runner-Up for April 2022

Born deep within the Hives below
Was no average kepheran male.
A bravely heart that few did know,
But today - we remember his tale.

He left the Hives for New Celest,
Found friends in the peoples there.
A Praetorian at the Light's behest
A defender both stoic and fair.

When monsters overran the streets
T'was Hamos who answered the call!
United with citizens, rose to the feat
To fight 'strocities tooth and claw.

The guilds fell and all seemed unsure.
In the aftermaths hope had seemed frail.
But Hamos instead looked to the future,
And the Ecclesiarchy did prevail!

Time passed and guilds were all reborn.
The Praetorian had earned his place.
But these years were merely the calm between storms,
And Time charges at Her own pace.

Timequakes disrupted the peaces we felt
And we learned of the tenth Vernal Soul.
Was the dragons who came with revenge to be dealt
In their hurry to achieve their goal.

The first of the dragons were kept at bay
By the Broom of the Dawn's Promised Saint.
But then came a foe to New Celest's dismay -
A black dragon of terror and taint!

First it laid waste to the lighthouse,
And then the great Church of Celest.
So many lives lost in a second at most,
All fighting to protect what was left.

While survivors fled amidst the din
The kephera's mind was made.
T'was a fight he knew he'd never win,
But still he drew his blade.

Though the Light was besieged by dragonfire
Not once did brave Hamos e'er stop.
To the Athenaeum he sought to draw their ire,
When he climbed to the very top.

Will never know what crossed his mind
When he leapt with his weapon in hand.
This quiet, stoic male of the kepheran kind
To make such a courageous stand.

Then gone! In a flash! In a fiery blaze!
Vanished were both Hamos and the fiend!
His bravery not unseen by Elohora's gaze,
And the Lady herself intervened.

When sword met scale the pair disappeared
And Saint Hamos was born into the Light!
The remaining dragons had fled in their fear
They'd succumb in a similar fight!

That day Saint Hamos gave his life
Is one we must never forget.
Sometimes when faced with terrible strife,
We must be brave to handle the threat.

What will you give when the moment arises?
When danger is at your front door?
Would you be Brave and stay? Pay the ultimate prices
With a Dragonslayer's heart at your core?

Thank you, dear Hamos - the bravely Saint Hamos,
For the sacrifices you have made.
In helping us have the courage to know,
With Love and Light we can be saved.