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Sonnets of Supernal Praise by Selia

Winner for April 2022

The Light of Wisdom shines o'er every place,
Effusive, splendid, brilliant as the sun!
But radiance such as this cannot displace
The shadows, darkness, lies by others done.
Enter the Sage of Sages, Japhiel -
The Wisest Judge, the Learned, he who Sees
Full seemly, let thy truth, thy wisdom spell
The banishment of pitfalls such as these!
Come scholars, lawmen, knowledge-seekers all.
'Tis Japhiel Himself who makes the call.

O let the sound of forge's fires roar
And silence not the beating of the drum
For Brave Methrenton calls the Light to war!
In skulking shadows, surreptitious fiends
Do taint the Basin with their horrid ways.
Uncaring, vile, and stooped to evil means,
By whose fell deeds all good is made unclean.
No succor nor salvation, rend and raze!
Ye fighters, warriors, battle-mages brave:
Heed now the clarion call, the world to save!

Lift high the Stalwart Shield of Dawning Hope
Lo! See the downturned faces rise anew
Unlink despair's dark chains, cut sorrow's rope!
And by whose blessing can hope rise, renewed?
Shakiniel, the Resolute! The Fair!
Who calls those strong of heart, from whom hope springs,
And draws them to her side, their strength to share,
To Shields these down-trod throngs beneath their wings!
Let all thoughts sad and sorrowful begone,
Dispelled by Light resplendent, Hope's new dawn.

An' ye whose aims point not towards battle's field:
All in whose hearts shines bright the Light of Love
All gentle souls, who bear not sword nor shield
See now the Radiant glow from high above:
The Holy shining Razielan form!
All those forlorn, all those whose souls lament -
O seek them out, O mend their hearts, betorn!
Those souls from which love spills, come forth, unbent!
Our Holy Light shines not in war alone -
All hearts are turned by Love divinely shown.

In all these things, the Light shines, immanent.
United, balanced, guided by the hand
By Elohora, each made concordant.
O heed, ye postulants, the Light's command:
Let not the Forge's fires sear Love's heart,
Nor Shield of Hope encumber what is Just -
Let all these virtues, measured, have their part
As Light's devout disciples, let us trust
In Elohora's guidance, meted out
In balanced harmony, to her devout.