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TitleVarious Village Verselets
Post Date (Visible)April 2021

Various Village Verselets

A collection of limericks - one for every village of Lusternia.


There was an old scholar from Ptoma
Who always lived high off of soma
One day he was so deep in thought
That he didn't even notice the drought
And he fell into an everlasting coma.


There was an illithoid lady of Ixthiaxa
Who had a crafty and wily air about her.
They say was a bit of a diva
Once her husband tried to leave her.
It's rumoured he's buried beneath Ixthiaxa.


There's a missing countess of Stewartsville
Who had written a considerable will
That village was so full of snitches
That they'd do anything to get hold of her riches
But they found nothing of her but her frill!


Chatelaine Sylvie of Delport
Was habitually a kindly old sort
Her tenants always forgot to pay rent
For over their love lives they lament
So now she assists them to court.


There was a young tae'dae cub in Estelbar
Who once craved for a chocolate bar
His caretakers set off to Jojobo
To get some of the famed beans, you know
But they did not get very far


There once was an orc in Acknor
Who wished for the world and more
He squared up against the old chief
And tore him to shreds like a flyleaf
Now he sits upon the chieftain's throne of gore.


There was a shepherdess from Dairuchi
Who went by Chixilia Rucci
She bought a love potion from the store
But it slipped and shattered on an ore
Now the rockeaters act a little bit too smoochy!


The cloudy sky village of Talthos
Is known for their jingoist ethos
Once a rockeater went on parade
It's rumoured that he died by the blade
A sad tale, filled with such pathos.


The icy old village of Rickenfriez
Once found itself in a tight squeeze
A neighbouring villager paid a visit
And fell in the lake, though warned explicit
And he took a long time to unfreeze


Fair Beldame Varrim of Southgard
Was more than a little bit jarred
That her subjects kept being abducted
To work for a mine that's constructed
For undead fresh risen from the graveyard


Thane Thoril Falgirn of Rockholm
Has been quite known to roam
Searching real far and wide
In every valley, river and hillside
For the crown of his family's home.


There was a young aslaran warrior of Shanthmark
Who had a deathly fear of the dark
Once he ventured out in the night
Do defend his fellow brethren from their plight
And got spooked by a little dog's bark


There's a stately old manor in Paavik
Lit by but one candlestick
Rumours say it's filled up with spirits
Of souls tortured to their limits
Visiting is no silly picnic!


There was a drunk orc in Angkrag
Who always quite liked to brag
Once he dressed up as an old lady
And seduced all the undead - how shady!
And they threw him in with the sentries for his gag

And finally...


The forgotten swamp village of Duum
Overcast by dark clouds full of gloom
The residents don't seem to care-
They look blissfully unaware
That slowly they sink to their doom