Forum Rules

1. No posting confidential information. Confidential information includes but is not limited to any type of non-public documentation including, but not limited to, non-disclosure agreements and private Iron Realms employee or volunteer contact information. Also, do not post alternative characters of any other player without their strict permission.

Also restricted is in-character information of a sensitive sort, the posting of which may prejudice in game behaviour, such as confidential order/guild/city information in the form of channel transcripts, help files, private posts, member lists, or similar.

2. No posting of, or posting of links to, anything that violates someone's copyright or involves stolen intellectual property. This includes pirated music, software, and so on.

3. No advertisements. The following are not allowed and are considered advertisements or link spamming. Further, do not posts or links to other games (including other MUDs) unless there's a reason to be talking about that game.

4. No pornography. This includes but may not be limited to pornography, sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal, or simply displaying nudity needlessly. This covers ASCII porn/cyber logs, and links to pornography. This includes poster avatars and signatures.

5. Personal attacks are not allowed. Debate the post, not the poster. Personal attacks are taken seriously, and may, at the discretion of the moderating team, result in in-game consequences for your character(s).

Whether or not a remark constitutes a personal attack is a matter for the moderating team, which may or may not act on any given post report at the moderators' discretion. Factors which may influence moderators' decisions include the tone of the offending remark, the gravity of the insult, the context of the remark within the post and the post within the thread.

6. No hate speech Anyone that insults people based on their race, gender, sex, sexual preference, religion, culture, or country of origin, or threatens them explicitly or implicitly is not allowed in these forums. Violation of this rule may result in an immediate ban. This includes hate speech directed at either your fellow forum members, or your fellow human beings in general.

7. No discussion of religion or politics. This is a requirement imposed upon the forum by IRE as it is felt that religious or political discussions are divisive and encourage trolling. Any threads on religious or political topics will be closed.

8. Watch your language. This is self-explanatory. If you're not sure whether the swearing you're about to do violates this rule, just assume it does. Profanity includes the most minor to the most vulgar, and modified swear words may still constitute swearing.

9. The appropriate use of the Forums The forums are not the appropriate medium for petitions to the administration on punishments, for complaining about administrative or godly conduct, or for debating administrative or moderator decisions. Communication on these subjects should be directed through the appropriate channels - in most cases, to Lusternia Support.

10. Posting bugs Details of bugs may be posted onto the forums so long as:

  1. The information given does not enable other players to abuse them;
  2. Information is not given regarding quest spoilers or IC information;
  3. The post is not acting as a substitute for a bug report.

The legitimacy of a given post is subject to the discretion of the moderating staff and posted bugs may be removed even if it is not immediately apparent that the post falls within any of the above categories.

11. Signature, Titles, and Avatar Rules Signatures should not be so large as to inconvenience other forum users. If you are asked by a moderator to reduce the size of your signature, please comply. Your avatar or signature may not contain the following:

  • Explicit sexual images.
  • Links to porn or warez.

If a moderator or administrator feels an image is inappropriate even though it may not fall under the above it may be removed. Recreating the avatar after it is removed will result in either a warning or suspension and your privileges to use an avatar will be revoked.

12. Moderators. Even beyond these rules, moderators reserve the right to restrict forum topics in their sole and absolute discretion. If you feel a monitor is being unfair, you can contact Lusternia Support (

13. Quest Solutions. It is acceptable to post, and ask for, hints regarding in-game quests. However we ask that you do not post full solutions, as doing so may spoil the quest for others.