News and Events

Ruins of Eternity Labs

The ruins of an ancient laboratory complex known as the Eternity Labs were recently unearthed by a group of merian archaeologists. The ruins are located deep in the Undervault and speculation abounds that it houses an artifact from the Vernal Wars.

Artifact Auction!

Over 50 auctions for artifacts went up today! From protean spiders to Endowments of the Arts, get ready to bid on your favorites! (Most items were inspired by player ideas!)

Return of Shikari, the Predator

A great collared beast fell from the sky, causing havoc throughout the Basin of Life. When its collar was finally destroyed, it transformed into the Elder God Shikari, whose hunting expedition deep into the Void is now surrounded in mystery as his memories have been scrambled by whatever it was he had encountered.

June Vesteran Honours

The June Vesteran Honours were announced! Congratulations to Amani who won the bardic contest with the play "A Trip To The Library", and Saaga who won the artisanal contest with the portrait of "Lady Maylea, the Bloom of Serenity"!

Illuminati and Institute Open!

The long awaited Illuminati Guild and the Matrix Research Institute are now open in Gaudiguch and Hallifax, respectively!

May Vesteran Honours

The May Vesteran Honours were announced! Congratulations to Amani who won the bardic contest with the short story "Fables of Night", and Ehecatl who won the artisanal contest with the portrait of "Lord Nocht in Summer"!

Of Bandits and Waystations

Bandits began plaguing the carriages that run on a circuit along the roads of the Basin of Life. After the bandits were eventually repulsed, the monies recovered were used to build 11 waystations along the roads. Each waystation has a unique quest!

Hamster Hunt!

Congratulations to Talan who placed first in the Hamster Hunt and won 300 credits! Othre credit prizes went to Inagin, Ilithyia, Phoebus, Marie, Incabulos, Lothringen,Lawliet, Raikogen and Leta!

The Village of Rikenfriez

The Village of Rikenfriez has been uncovered! Mostly populated by igasho and tae'dae, the main resource the village produces is fish. However mundane that sounds, the powers in the Basin of Life are vying for control.

Polluters Found: The Gnafia!

The cause of the toxic pollution was found to be the secret gnome black market criminals known as the Aetherspace Gnafia. The criminals were tracked down and brought to justice and a cure for the toxic shock syndrome was released. For helping in the clean up process, the gnomes gave a gift of a artifact-level vacuum cleaner!

Toxic Dumping in the Inner Sea

An eerie green glow was seen emanating from the Sea of Despair and Inner Sea. It was discovered that strange barrels were found at the bottom of the oceans, leaking toxic goo which was mutating the indigenous life and sickening people with toxic shock syndrome.

Return of Elder God Lyreth

The Elder God Lyreth was apparently trapped in aetherspace and was able to escape as a small flame when a gnome aethership crashed onto Avechna's Peak. Unfortunately, the gnome ship crashed because they were infested with slivven. The Supernals of Celestia completed a great ritual which returned Lyreth to his full glory. The ritual also uncovered an island in the Inner Sea.

Skillflex Released!

The skillflex sytem was released, allowing players to make skills dormant instead of forgetting them completely. Also, the magic skillset has been removed, leaving lowmagic and highmagic. See Announce 1553.

New Guilds: Templars and Sentinels!

The Templars Guild has opened in Gaudiguch, and the Sentinels Guild has opened in Hallifax. The Templars practice a type of chaos magic while the Sentinels engage in the manipulation of time. Check them out!

The Adventures of Worrel Fleece

A tae'dae named Worrel Fleece wandered into the Basin of Life, searching for his tribe's fabled homeland. Though never finding it, he has settled into Snow Valley where he rewards adventurers who help him with a tasty treat.

Eileen, Queen of the Leprechauns

After months of collecting shamrocks with the help of players, Eileen was crowned Queen of the Leprechauns! Her rainbow remains on Avechna's Peak as she seeks help sobering up her subjects!

The Drunk Leprechauns

With the old leprechaun king dead, his three children are battling to see who will become the next leprechaun leader! However, in order to support a faction, you have help the leprechauns who are extremely inebriated for the wake of the king!

Modern History Quiz!

Congratulations Solanis who won the Modern History Quiz! Second place went to Viynain and third place to Shuyin. Also placing were Kiradawea, Mirami, Lehki, Kalaneva, Pesukaru, Talan and Sidd.

Cockatrice Invasion!

Cockatrices invaded the Basin of Life, only to be traced to that irascible dracnari Yirit Iborchi! The plague of cockatrices was put down but Yirit has made his home in the Skarch Desert and is no doubt still up to his old tricks.

February Vesteran honours

The February Vesteran Honours were announced! Congratulations to Kalaneya who won the bardic contest with the short story "Bury Your Dead!", and Alvalek who won the artisanal contest with the portrait of "Shadow Faeling Ritualist"! Check them out!

Great Hunt Weekend!

Congratulations to Sidd who won the Great Hunt over the weekend! Second place went to Fillin and third place to Lehki. Others who placed for credit prizes were: Lehki, Vathael, Meir, Inagin, Eamon, Veyrzhul, Rika and Estwald.

Chancel of Clangoran Mysteries

Mysterious dark dwarves overthrew the dwarven kingdom using foul magics! Thus, the Chancel of Clangoran Mysteries was unearthed and many secrets uncovered!

Trial of Ascension: Rise of Fillin

During the Trial of Ascension, two Sealbearers faced off for the final event as the six others stepped back: Ceren Valtyros of the Geomancers bore the Seal of War, and Talan Ysav'rai of the Harbingers who bore the Seal of Life. Surrounded by their allies, Ceren and Talan fought grueling battles throughout the astral plane against each other and against the hideous abominations manifested by Kethuru. In the end, Ceren mastered the Staff of Ascension and reformed the Nine Seals. In doing so, he ascended and is now know as Lord Fillin of the Realm of War. Congratulations, Lord Fillin!

Challenge of Beauty

Congratulations to Kharaen who won the Challenge of Beauty! Second place went to Narynth , third place to Incabulos, fourth place to Arel, and fifth place to Arte.

Challenge of Death

Congratulations to Sidd who won the Challenge of Death! Second place went to Ixion, third place to Xenthos, fourth place to Inagin, and fifth place to Solanis.