News and Events

Challenge of War

Congratulations to Ceren who won the Challenge of War! Helping him, the winning team included Narsrim and Vathael! The other finalists were teams: Sidd, Narynth, and Viynain; Melville, Munsia and Ixion; and Shuyin, Krellan and Talan.

December Vesteran Honours

The November Vesteran Honours were announced! Congratulations to Tredian who won the bardic contest with the poem "Fae for Mother Moon", and Saaga who won the artisanal contest with the portrait of "Talan Ysav'rai"! Check them out!

Challenge of Nature

Congratulations to Rika who won the Challenge of Nature! Second place went toNarynth, third place to Krellan, fourth place to Talan, and fifth place to Ragniliff.

Challenge of Justice

Congratulations to Zallafar who won the Challenge of Justice! Second place wento to Krellan, third to Urazial, fourth to Malarious, fifth to Jazella.

Challenge of Chaos

Congratulations to Ruiku who claimed the Seal of Chaos in triple overtime! Second place went to Inagin, 3rd place to Shamarah, 4th place to Rika, and 5th place to Krellan.

Ethereal Archways

Dimensional archways have opened up to the elemental planes of fire and air on the ethereal realm!

Elder Goddess Kalikai

The Elder Goddess Kalikai returned to the Basin of Life for the first time in mortal memory! Unfortunately, her arrival was marred by the dispersal of the essence of the Elder God Elostian when Kalikai tried to free him from the Soulless Zenos, which also weakened the Nine Seals binding the Soulless. Some mortals are trying to capture the Elostian's essence to restore his form.

Aeromancers and Pyromancers

Two mage guilds have opened, the Pyromancers opened in the newly found Gaudiguch and the Aeromancers in Hallifax.

Solstice Gnomes and Czigany Wayfaire!

Solstice Gnomes returned to give many gifts to many players! Also, the Czingany Wayfaire returned to Lusteria with dingbat prizes for those who finish the quests there!

The Lost Cities Return!

The lost cities of Gaudiguch and Hallifax have returned to the Basin of Life, having been trapped in time and space for centuries. Only two survivors remained, Scuchidira Tliwx of Gaudiguch and Cririk Adom of Hallifax.

The Glade of Trialante

A glade was recently discovered, once the home of the Voice of Trialante. Within many mysteries were unearthed, including the history of a dead race. Dark prophesies still abound and no one is quite clear what they all mean.

The Spire of Dionamus

Adventurers found their way to the legendary Spire of Dionamus, an ancient artifact dating back to the Vernal Wars. Upon repairing the structure, healing energies flooded throughout the land, though the energies had a negative upon the undead and those who traffic in dark spirits. Also, at the time when the healing energies were released, the nexuses of power in the various cities and communes began to behave erratically.

November Vesteran Honours

The November Vesteran Honours were announced! Congratulations to Thul who won the bardic contest with the very funny story "The Kings of Lorfenada", and Ehecatl who won the artisanal contest with the darkly beautiful "When We Aren't Around"! Check them out!

Wildnodes Weekend!

Congratulations to Glomdoring for once again dominating Wild Nodes!

The Gardens of Queen Maeve

Dandelion Sweetpease brokered a brief peace between the two rival forest communes to celebrate the Faethorn Festivities. Queen Maeve of the Fae was so impressed, she opened up her gardens and rewarded Dandelion with the position of Custodian of the Flowers.

October Vesteran Honours

The October Vesteran Honours were announced! Congratulations to Iytha who won the bardic contest with "The Death of Degur Othag", and Ried who won the artisanal contest with "Brennan"! Congratulations!

The Lost Glade of Serenwilde

The little fae known as Dandelion disappeared, only to be found in an unknown glade in Serenwilde. The lost glade was also reflected on the ethereal plane and had hidden powers.

Ghost Alert!

Atropos, the Eldest of the Fates, has lost her shears! This means that when anything dies, there is a chance its ghost will not find its way to the Portal of Fate. If you find one of these poor lost souls, you can capture it if you can scare it. A simple BOO should work! Atropos would be most grateful if you put these ghosts into the Portal of Fate. If you rescue 20 ghosts, Atropos will give you a yummy little treat!

Rainbows Over Serenwilde

A trio of leprechauns arrived in the Serenwilde Commune with strange, empty pots. Once the pots were filled with gold, rainbows began appearing over the forest!

The Maiden Voyage of the Kelpie Maiden

The Kelpie Maiden launches its maiden voyage into the Inner Sea! Rumor has it the ship's captain holds a journal of significant historical interest!

Artifact Sale!

New artifacts from old auctions have been placed for purchase as normal artifacts and they are all on sale for 15% off through the end of the month! See ARTIESALE LIST for the sale prices.

September Vesteran Honours

The September Vesteran Honours were announced! Congratulations to Romero who won the bardic contest with "Ill-Fated Prophecy and Traitors", and Ried who won the artisanal contest with "Before the Chapel of Exalted Night"!


Congratulations to the Forest of Glomdoring for dominating the wild nodes competition!

Achievements Released!

Achievements have come to Lusternia! Completing achievements will give the player rewards!

Anniversary Wargames

The winning team for the Anniversary Wargames consisted of Ceren, Narsrim and Vathael. Second place went to Krellan, Talan and Sidd. Third place went to Xenthos, Viynain and Incabulos. Congratulations all!