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Public News Post #1908

Question Everything

Written by: Lady Grey Sapphira d'Vanecu, Ensanguined Aesthete
Date: Thursday, July 29th, 2021
Addressed to: Everyone

Is the Lady of Lagoons a wayward child, or an elder goddess who has endured despite all odds for countless centuries? That is the question I pose to all mortals as they contemplate the healing mound, and the troubled dreams the goddess suffers.

The nereid - the children of Li-Varili - have a connection to Her that none of us can truly fathom. It is they that seek to wake their mother, and free Her from the snare she is now held in. What ulterior motive could they possibly have, beyond being reunited with Her?

Healing is not something for we mortals to debate. We are not the Hamadhi, nor elder gods. Despite our personal experiences and beliefs, such doubt or confidence in the employed methods cannot be confirmed either way. We are only privvy to one side of the coin, with no other Hamadhi to weigh in, or other patients. The One who knows what She is enduring is left voiceless, and we are left to trust in a Goddess who slays any voice raised in question.

That She needed healing after the battle is in no doubt. However, there is no denying the shift in Her dreams. That She feels She is drowning in Light. That the magnolias continue to bind Her. That She longs to be free, to be with Her children, but is being held against Her will. Should an elder be bound against Their will? Many abjured Her imprisonment in the Morokeche Seat - but is this truly different? Again, She who endured is bound, just in a prettier prison.

Despite what the one with a tenuous grasp on common might suggest, it is not those standing pitying, self-righteous vigil at the cocoon that She hears, but Her children the nereid reaching out, and the mortals who are concerned that speak to Her and sing. She hears THEM, and She is trying very hard to reconnect. It is the very same cocoon that keeps Her from true communion. Visit Her fulcrux and you will see for yourself, and reach out for yourself. Indeed, it is only as a result of this genuine care that She began to know any joy in Her dreams - to feel affection. You can even hear remnants of the song that touched Her so.

As to flooding the roads - perhaps none of it would have happened at all, if She was not opposed in Her mission. Nothing is black or white, and what may have been is impossible to know. What we do know, is that the Lady Empyreal chooses to silence dissent with death. Perhaps Her actions indeed speak louder than words - believe or die. Find out for yourself, fellow mortals. Speak with Lady Li-Varili's children, find the bromeliad in the Rhizoda Mangrove and discover Her memories. Feel Her dreams. Decide if She is truly being healed, and if all is actually as pure as it is made out to be. Just make your decision with open eyes and evidence, not solely blind faith.

Sapphira d'Vanecu

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Tzarin, in the year 595 CE.

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