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April Vesteran Honours

For the April Vesteran Honours, Breandryn won the bardic contest with the news column titled, "Gaudiguch Gossip, Roarkian 471 CE". In the artisanal category, Xeii won with the portait titled "A relic of the future". Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives!








Battle for the Wheel

Hail Basin,

I, Lebo Needles, have requested and been sanctioned to allow this report for the Order of Shallach to be seen by all. It is rather rudimentary; I am still getting used to writing reports, but I hope it suffices and informs anyone who could not be present in Lirangsha.


Lebo Needles
Shallah's Squire




Month: Dioni 475 CE
Order Member: Squire Lebo Needles
Business: Routine Visitation of Lirangsha

Duum for the Humanistic League

In the month of Estar, 475 years after the Coming of Estarra, the cities and forests of the Basin of Life were visited by two humans by the names of Elsa Fallows and Constance Walker. They claimed to be members of the Lusternia Humanistic League, an organization they described as being devoted to research about humanity, human history, and human origins. Their goal was to find new topics of research for submission to the League.

When the Bells Toll in Magnagora

The Curse

Mamaac the Melder and the Sword of Serenity

It was not long ago that Serenwilde was visited by the half-formed named Xarriv the Reaver, who had followed the memories of Charune, Lord of the Hunt across the Void and into the First World, wreaking havoc, and then was banished back to the Void by the Horned One Himself. And yet, mortal memory is short, and life is full of its daily troubles; many distressing events had occurred in northern forest in the short time since the banishing of Xarriv.

Gaudiguch - From the Ashes


Deception and Madness Unleashed

Chiku Swiftpad had never really been outside the Shanthmark Lodge. She was devoted to her studies, and more than a little determined to exceed the others in their meditations and their trials. It was a pleasant surprise to her, therefore, to be called before the Soothsayer Adaeze with a personal mission - and one that would take her far away from Shanthmark at that.

By the Power and Will of the Collective

Like so many things, it began with the celebration of successful innovation and well-deserved congratulations to the team involved in its construction. What could go wrong with a Resonance Tower that could broadcast directly into the minds of every citizen...?

Then came the static...

--- [ NOISE IN THE MACHINE ] --------------------

> Estar 19th, 472 CE:

March Vesteran Honours

For the February Vesteran Honours, Xeii won the bardic contest with the short story titled, "The Silver Storm and the Dying Crystal of the Forgotten". In the artisanal category, Xeii won with the portait titled "Serenwilde's Curious Heart". Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives!








The Tale of the Black-Striped Warrior

In the wake of the marriage between the centaur elder Tokota and his beloved Adushoc, the Serenwilde found themselves embroiled in a mystery. Shadows grew, whispers murmured, and strange visions danced at the corners of one's eyes. At first, this occurrence was time: a minor ill omen that seemed to some like the awakening of an ancestor or other unknown spirit. However, as the autumn days grew longer and colder, these signs turned exceedingly worse.

The Turning Tides of New Celest

During the month of Tzarin in the year, 471 ACE for reasons still not known the Tide Lord Murlough of the Red Tide began expressing displeasure that the city of New Celest worshipped and venerated the Supernals while knowing nearly nothing of the Tide Lords and often ignoring them.

February Vesteran Honours

For the February Vesteran Honours, Breandryn won the bardic contest with the newsletter titled, "Gaudiguch Gossip, Roarkian 458 CE". In the artisanal category, Arimisia won with the portait titled "Ice Angel Loranara". Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives!







Tales of a Whiskey Keg

For some months now, the citizens of Gaudiguch had been having a strong desire for whiskey. As time went on, the urges became stronger and their thoughts turned towards where they could sate their sudden thirsts. Eventually, Tremula, Letarne, Danquik and a few others made their way to see Beloch at the bar and upon arriving, met with a patron that seemed to be drinking all the whiskey Beloch had available. This loud patron talked for awhile, laughing at the costumes and fashion choices of the individuals present before setting off to find herself a costume.

The Hunter and the Reaver

A distant horn resonated through the boughs of Serenwilde, catching the attention of Wobou and Kay at the Moonhart Mother. As they alerted their commune and discussions began to form, a giant crack was heard from the hills of Northern Serenwilde, followed by waves of psionic energy. A tree once made by the Horned One for the Silver Goddess was found in the early stages of petrification, leaking an unknown black smoke.

Second Annual Ascension Gala

It was the first day of Klangiary, one of those Autumn days where all had begun to become crisp and golden; one of those days where life could start all over again. I had placed all my hopes for that day, for that new life, on a letter. The letter was silk, expensive and keen to show that off - it bore elegant words that drew me in like a fisherman's hook. A party, and a large party at that, the intimate sort of party where you can find true privacy. Of course I went - I could never have done otherwise.

January Vesteran Honours

For the January Vesteran Honours, Aramel won the bardic contest with the play titled, "The Alchemy of Love". In the artisanal category, Ciaran won with the portait titled "Ciaran and Yephry". Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives!







Ascension Event 2017

Towards the end of the Saga of the Black Sun, a figure emerged which weakened the Nine Seals. As stated in the histories under Coming of Estarra, when the Nine Seals are weakened, there is only one way that they can be recharged: through the ascension of a mortal!

Flocking to the Swan Song

An errant cloud drifting uncontrolled on a breeze revealed Hathi Aves, Warden of the Swans, and his young son, Taelo Aves, a pair of trill dedicated to tending the Clarramore's swan flock. Their portion of the Clarramore Cloud Gardens was set adrift and recently reunited with the estate properly. In his travels, Hathi Aves found a mysterious shard that he swore could hear the swans' innermost thoughts.

Towers of the Magi

In late Dioni 466 a croaking voice was heard emanating from the Undervault tunnels under the Razine Mountains, calling out to Professor Pheslida Pheeif-Zluush that he was looking to bring her the requested supplies. Yarith Shevat of Hallifax was the first to join the Professor and meet Oblo Bllem, whose still heavily laden wheelbarrow indicated that Professor Pheeif-Zluush was not his last stop.

December Vesteran Honours

For the December Vesteran Honours, Breandryn won the bardic  contest with the story titled, "The Brave Little Faeling". In the artisanal category, Arimisia won with the portait titled "Come, to the Torturer". Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives!







Welcoming the Welkin

For several months, mortals had observed curious formations of clouds within the sky of the Prime Material Plane. But though they engendered curiosity, few made any attempt to investigate the meteorological occurrences - save for Primus Gero and Castellan Yarith of the Institute, who with the help of the Matrix Research Facility managed to discover that the strange movements in the heavens coincided with fluctuations in the power of Avechna's Peak.

Conquering the Mountain

As the mysterious melting ice along the northern end of Avechna's Teeth finally gave way, a cacophony of stampeding orcs echoed through the Basin. Shortly after their victorious conquest settled down, a scream of terror erupted as frightful terrors began to plague their population.

Bane of the Ice Angels

It was a warm autumn day, full of golden rays of sunlight, when winter made itself known at the fabled Aetherplex Chamber in the form of Kurteba, a winded igasho scholar. The shards of ice bedecking his robe still in the process of melting, he wasted no time looking for what he came for: skilled hunters.

Return of the Pyresmith

It was a normal day in the city of Gaudiguch. The sun was shining, the party was popping, and whiskey flowed freer than the lava falls. The jovility ground to an abrupt halt when a masked visage invited itself into the minds of the entire populace to issue both a warning and an apology of a pain that it must inflict. Though some nervously laughed off the message, convinced that it was a joint hallucination, others were less convinced and quietly prepared themselves for what may lay in store.

Salvation of the Orcs

As the lingering warmth of autumn faded away, several citizens of Magnagora began to report sightings of shifty looking orcs on Spectre Island, all sneaking about while carrying large sacs of spectral essence. All attempts to detain one of the thieving braves failed as the orcs always managed to evade capture by the slimmest of margins. A later attempt to interrogate the orcs of Shallach, led by Yurizhi and Jarlegiya of Magnagora, resulted in nothing more than the death of the reticent creatures.