22.1        Mortal builders      Building in Lusternia (How to get an Orb)
      22.1.1   Mortal creation      The OLC Create command.
      22.1.2   Mortal room creation Creating rooms with OLC.
      22.1.3   Creation list        The Creation List.
      22.1.4   Environments         Types of Environments for rooms.
      22.1.5   Orbs                 Orbs Of Creation (using OLC)
      22.1.6   Ostat and oedit      Viewing a room or object with OLC
      22.1.7   Room properties      Room properties
      22.1.8   Templates            Creating things with templates and OLC
      22.1.9   Oedit and redit      Editing rooms and things with OLC
      22.1.10  Projects             Keeping track of projects
      22.1.11  Areas                Areas to build in

   22.2        Mortal Reviewers     Reviewing designs for other players.