Dingbat Dolls are a popular collectible that when interacted with perform a variety of reactions. Some of them even talk to one another! These dolls are each activated in a different way, which is listed alongside their name.

Dolls may be traded between players for one another. DOLL LIST will show you a list of your dolls and DOLL TRADE <doll#> TO <person> FOR <doll#> will enact the trade.

Note that not all of the dolls listed below are widely available. See the relevant HELP DINGBATS files to discover which are currently purchasable.

+ Abeytu (grumble)
+ Albion (tug)
+ Altaira (soothe)
+ Amethyst Generator (squeeze)
+ Ardrak (sneer)
+ Ashtorath (slap)
+ Baalphegar's Tome (doom)
+ Beautific Cherub (giggle)
+ Black-Feathered Harpy (sneer)
+ Butter Sweetpease (hmm)
+ Chuchip (beckon)
+ Coronuli fae (burns)
+ Cririk Adom (incline)
+ Crow (chirp)
+ Dandelion Sweetpease (exhale)
+ Diamond Generator (squeeze)
+ Doctor Xaviar Snapfuse (shakefist)
+ Dracnari Dreamer (belch)
+ Ebonglom Wyrdling (brood)
+ Ellie Tooter (pardon)
+ Elohora (comfy)
+ Embaruli fae (burns)
+ Emerald Generator (squeeze)
+ Emperor Ladantine (kissfoot)
+ Eventru, Crown of the Exalted (squeeze)
+ Fraesic Sunfar, Keeper of the Matrix (incline)
+ Glumki (poke)
+ Gorgulu (tentacles)
+ Grutina (cackle)
+ Guardian Drachou (kowtow)
+ Guido Bondshredder (brag)
+ Gwyllgi (pet)
+ Japhiel (sagenod)
+ Kioul, Culinary Warrior (waha)
+ Leprechaun (poke)
+ Lhiannan (caress)
+ Luciphage (cower)
+ Luna (tickle)
+ Lyreth, the Sidereal Prince (squeeze)
+ Marani Veloske (pearls)
+ Master Quettle (contemplate)
+ Max Coldsteel (smirk)
+ Meleris (pat)
+ Mesadari Rhiero, Keeper of the Eternal Flame (gah)
+ Methrenton (rally)
+ Miakoda (joy)
+ Mischievous Imp (grin)
+ Morgfyre, the Legion/sphere of dark, rune-etched clay (squeeze)
+ Mother Moon (gaze)
+ Mother Night (fakesmile)
+ Necromentate (poke)
+ Nifilhema (pull)
+ Nimbuli (burns)
+ Perriwinkle Sweetpease (beam)
+ Princess Marilynth (genuflect)
+ Raziela (squeeze)
+ Rhianna Shee-Slaugh (twinkle)
+ Ribbachi (pat)
+ Rowena Nightshade (fakesmile)
+ Roxie Wingnut (cuckoo)
+ Ruby Generator (squeeze)
+ Sciomore, the Logician (incline)
+ Scuchidira Tliwx (frag)
+ Selene (caress)
+ Shakiniel (huzzah)
+ Shalmae, the Steel Magnolia (incline)
+ Shashi (chirp)
+ Shimotabi (sagenod)
+ Toma, a centaur colt (frolic)
+ Trader Bob (poke)
+ Volucer (pet)
+ Wakabi Postman (nudge)
+ Weeky Peedia, the Furrikin Savant (ponder)
+ White Hart (genuflect)