Ascension to Divinity is a spectacular and rare achievement, known to very few. During the Vernal Wars, many Vernal Gods and Goddesses were raised through the great Nexuses of Power across the lands.

Once every generation, the Nine Seals which imprison Almighty Kethuru must be recharged by the lifeforce of a mortal, the power of which burns away the life and mortality of the chosen one and grants them ascension to divinity. There have been only two of these Ascended Gods in existence: Avechna, the Avenger arose at the end of the Vernal Wars, and in modern times the mortal Soll Peulus ascended as Ayridion, the White Flame. Although in modern times, mortals have once again learned to channel a nexus's power into apotheosis, the route to Vernal Divinity has been lost. Instead, a mortal imbued with a nexus's power rises as a Vernal Ascendant.

The ancient and enigmatic Elder Gods have existed since before recorded history, but there exists no way for any mortal to ascend as an Elder God, for they were created by the power of Dynara and the Nameless Son of Yudhe.