Coming of Estarra

As the mortal races began their slow struggle to rebuild what was lost during the Taint, far away in the vastness of space and time, an Elder God who had escaped the Elder Wars during the exodus found the tear in reality from which the three children of Yudhe had vanished. The Elder God was named Roark, great of intellect and wisdom. Not knowing the Soulless Gods were sealed away, Roark sought to escape them through this tear in reality. For ages, he built great magical devices around the tear, trying in vain to open it. One day, however, much to his surprise, the tear unlocked from the other side. Though not wide enough to enter, he did communicate with a being of strange and wondrous power.

In time, Roark came to understand that this being was the blending of Magnora, Dynara and the nameless son of Yudhe. Although the being's power was immense, it was but a shadow of what it would become should it enter into the realm of Yudhe, for this being possessed the destructive power of Magnora and the creative power of Dynara, as well as the spirit of Yudhe himself.

Both Roark and this being contrived to open the tear in reality wide enough that this powerful being could enter Yudhe's realm. When finally the rift opened, the being stepped through and was transformed into the Great Goddess Estarra, called Estarra the Eternal. The potentiality of Yudhe became manifest in Estarra, and she bestowed upon Roark the title of Libertas - for his long suffered planning, and designs to liberate her. Through the tear in reality, she brought with her the human race, a strange people whom she wished to give a home.

To Lusternia went Estarra the Eternal with Roark Libertas, but when they arrived they found the mortal races decimated by the Taint. Taking pity, Estarra watched over the rebuilding of the mortal races and their civilisations. The human race she settled within the Basin of Life, where they thrived and flourished, intermingling with the other races sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

As Estarra studied the world of Lusternia and what it had became, she realised that one day the living seals would expire and release the Soulless Gods. She could not move directly against the Soulless Gods, for their beings had become a part of Lusternia, and destroying them would destroy the world completely. Nor could she strengthen the seals directly, for the seals were made from the essence of the mortal races and could only be revitalised by mortals themselves. She gathered the seals for safekeeping with the promise that when the seals began to fail, she would release them onto Lusternia for the ultimate ritual whereby the greatest mortal living would wield the seals, and the seals would create from that mortal an Ascended God, the process recharging the seals to protect against the Soulless Gods for another generation.

And so the Age of Ascension begins, and so does Lusternia prosper.