Faelings are not descended from an Elder God. Rather, they are the cross between an elfen and a creature of the fae. Faelings are almost always raised in elfen communes, and are given special status by wiccans. Physically, they look like extremely diminutive elfen, even smaller than the furrikin, and they all have elaborate butterfly-like wings enabling them to fly. While not very strong, they make up for that in speed and intellect.

Ever since the undead elfen Rowena Nightshade tricked Laeroc, Consort of the Queen of the Fae into fathering her child, faelings who take the path of the tainted Great Nature Spirits of Night or Crow transform into shadow faelings, a curious breed of faeling, larger than others of their kind, with a dark complexion that seems to churn with shadows, more bat-like wings, and eyes that glow with a somber red fire.

Note: Not all faelings have antlers. The antlers on the faeling in the picture is the result of the Stag Totem specialization.

Languages: Elfen, Common.


  • Level 1: Resistance to divinus damage.
  • Level 25: Ability to FLY. Those who can fly by other means are no longer knocked out of the sky by winds, and are instead stunned for two seconds.
  • Level 50: Health and mana regen in forest environments.
    • Faeling with the Crow specialisation gain a bonus to magic and poison damage.
    • Faeling with the Night specialisation gain a bonus to both asphyxiation and excorable damage.
    • Faeling with the Shadowbeat specialisation gain a bonus to both poison and excorable damage.
  • Demigod: Trait: One With Nature - Health/Mana/Ego regen in all natural environements.
    • Note: Faelings do not gain the One with Nature bonus in Hartstone terrain. (Ethereal forest)
  • Demigod+: One With Nature now grants a bonus to all damage types and damage resitance in all natural/forest environments.


  • Faeling
    • Standard race.
  • Shadowcaster Faeling
    • Faeling wiccans and druids that specialise in the Night or Crow totem.
  • Shadowlord Faeling
    • Faeling warriors that specialise in either the Night or Crow totem.
  • Shadowsinger Faeling
    • Faeling bards that specialise in the art of the Shadowbeat.