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TitlePre-Marital Prayers
Post Date (Visible)October 2020

"Sometimes I wonder if everything will be worth it - if things will end up the same or if they'll change... but who I am trying to kid? Everything changes in the end.

"The traitors changed. Some more than others. The Mother of Spiders and of Crows has, too, felt and experienced change.

"I know You, Father, have experienced it, but not in the same way - no. You have not felt the corrupting power of the Soulless course through Your veins, changing how You look.. changing how You act... moulding You into something that You were not."

A pause.

"I still pray to You.

"I only hope that You are safe wherever You may be and that no harm has come to You. I know You are strong and that I should have faith - momma constantly tells me to, but there is that inkling of fear. That inkling that You will never return and grace the Basin with Your prowess.

"And yet, I still leave my thoughts with You in the chance that there will be answer."

There's a shuffling sound as the thoughts cease to echo through the environs - almost as if the bearer of these words were shifting positions.

"I do not expect them, either, but I do wish I could see a sign or .. have a notion that You are okay. It has been so long...

"The invitation to my wedding is still open to You, but I must get ready..."

A sniffle, then a muffled sob.

"Thank You for everything that You have given to mother and I. To the Pack and to the Glomdoring. I wish You safe travels, still, and that You are fine.

"Thank You."