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A Call to Arms (A speech before battle) by Aramantos

Runner-Up for August 2022

I will stand by you, dear friends.
Even if it means unto my death.
I will raise my symbol in your defense.
I will slay our enemies at your call.

Heed my promise and bear witness.
I will never forsake you
in your time of need.

Know my heart is steadfast and resolute.
May we stand together, victorious.
For, we know the outcome before the fight.
Be it win or lose, we venture together.

Take my hand and call me brother.
For, we are bound by the oath of blood.
May we serve Celestia and all Her angels.
May the bards sing songs of our glory.

The citizens of the Light shall know our names.
Children will be raised upon our legends!
The basin will tremble in earth-shaking fear
at the mere whisper of our great deeds.

Ride with me, my fellow Celestians!
Let us rid the world of our foes.
For the glory of the Supernals!
For the glory of the Light!