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My Journey in the Light by Aramantos

Merit for June 2022

My hands have lit the beacons calling others to the fold,
as I, too, was called so very long ago.
I shed the vestiges of an impure, disreputable vagabond
and donned the raiment of a Chosen One, anointed of Celestia.

Since then, I have walked these city streets countless times,
hearing the daily bustle of the many folk within.
I have smelled the crisp sea breeze for years
and still never grow tired of its allure.

I have gazed upon the stars through the Pool's reflection,
and bathed in the glow of a holy angel's radiance.
I have felt cleansing waters flow through my fingers,
healing my wounds and providing succor.

I have wept beside fallen heroes, swearing justice.
I have prayed the holy prayers to honour the Supernals.
I have felt the Light of Celestia fill my mortal body,
and I have experienced the hope a dream can give.

My eyes have met the gaze of the Ones most holy.
My weapons have been purified in the forge of Methrenton.
My heart has been tempered with the love of Raziela.
The brilliance of Elohora's Light flows through my veins.

I have lived a life full of consequence and failure.
I have struggled and sacrificed much in service of the Light.
I have looked upon my path with regret and anguish
that I have but so little to offer my great city.

Fair Celest, what makes me worthy to walk within your walls?
How should a mere human be granted such an honor?
I have spent centuries trying to measure up to my oath,
and I will spend countless more in this endeavor.