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TitleHymn of Hidden Life
Post Date (Visible)March 2022
Hymn of Hidden Life
-11th of Klangiary, 608 CE-

No augur chanted ere I planted 
By squirrels chasing 'round each other,
Unfurling leaps while sunlight slanted
Through gold from evergreen.

Then brothers dropped sleet-quilted silence
To loft high alpine white that glistered,
The mute world soothed by stilted giants
With hyfae touch, until

Warmth whispered, coaxing foot unslippered
To eke through black below and lift head
To sky of song; I turned to withered,
Uncrowned ancient whose grace persisted:

So hunt, play, slumber; cycle, sunder;
'Twixt rote and ritual lies wonder.