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TitleWistful Memories
Post Date (Visible)August 2020
"Wistful Memories"


"Wistful Memories" is the second formal written work of author Wodewose
Faythe (aged 111 years), who resides in the Serenwilde at the date of
this publication. This work is a short collection of poems in three
distinct styles: haiku, cinquain, and sonnet. Please note, that some
liberties have been taken with the traditional format of the haiku, as
it is penned as a series to make a complete poem in its whole.

Crafted solely on her own impressions and memories, this work was
originally created and presented as birthday gifts to sisters Unbroken
Lief Myeras-Silvermoon (105 years old) and Regent Elexia
Myeras-Silvermoon (94 years old) in the year 567 CE. The author hopes
that sharing this work will further solidify the importance of the bond
that she holds with them, memorializing the poetry in such a way that
all may enjoy them in the years to come.


"I hope the reader will forgive any liberties or errors I may have taken
with the poetic form in this short work. I am still a novice, it is
true, but I really wanted to share my thoughts on these two wonderful
people. They are my inspiration - Lief and Elexia. They have always been
beacons in the darkness of my mind, helping to guide me back whenever my
feet stray from my path. I hope to remain close with them for all of my

- Faythe


TO LIEF:  In your 105th year of life - Happy Birthday.

May you ever remain as you are: faithful, creative, Unbroken. Despite
all the years of slumber between us both, the joys, the
misunderstandings, silly games or silly fights - even though our paths
twist and wend away from one another from time to time, you always find
your way back to me, and I to you. Please know that you are always in my
heart, and on my mind. You inspire me with each and every day that
passes, with your strength, your courage, and your wisdom. I will always
think of you as such: feet firmly planted, eyes raised to the canopy,
standing contemplatively beneath the apple tree as blossoms rain softly
down about you. May you know only joy, and no sorrows on your path in
this world. Thank you for all that you are, and all that you do.

TO ELEXIA:  In your 94th year of life - Happy Birthday.

My dear friend, I have only the fondest memories of you. What is strange
is that these are not only happy memories, but are also some of my
saddest ones. The bond we share is tangled, and littered with laughter
and heartaches, but it is not one I would trade for the world. Thank
you, for being my confidant, my teacher, my unwitting companion in so
many adventures. Your patience, your caring, your understanding looks -
I see and feel them all, and I keep them close to me. You are a constant
source of light to me. May the joy that you bring unto others be repaid
to you a thousand fold. May you always be Blessed with happiness and


Page 4 - Fireflies
Page 5 - The Sisters
Page 6 - Lief
Page 7 - Elexia
Page 8 - The Triumphs of the Unbroken
Page 9 - The Lessons of the Blessed


A glitter of lights
They beckon me, the fireflies
Too fleeting to grasp

Dancing in the air
Shining so bright that I gasp
They banish the dark

Born on firefly wings
Hope springs eternal and sharp
Oh beautiful ones

Those dear of my heart
The fireflies, they flit - depart
Gone upon the pond

"The Sisters"

Large as life, their shadows cast o'er the land
Alike in face, and faith, of charming wit
Two lovely women,  standing hand-in-hand
Full of inspiration, daring and grit.

One Moon, One Sun, they blaze within the sky
A soothing presence, constant and healing
Like bright stars, streaking across the minds eye
These two pillars, stalwart and unyielding

Who could compare to ones, such as they are?
I could not know, nor say who that might be
But still, I hope and pray the day's not far
When their grace might echo in one like me.

May they have only joys, and happy dreams.
May they know no sorrow, naught but sunbeams.



Vivid, artistic

Creating, teaching, growing,

Beauty like blossoms unfurling




Sweet, effervescent

Leading, supporting, loving

Gentle and wise like Mother Moon


"The Triumphs of the Unbroken"

A faeling of vast depths of fortitude
Stands before the tree, eyes full of color
Tilting her antlered brow, all fear eschewed
What journey waits for this vibrant scholar?

She then comes, Sword of the Serenity
A swirl, then a gust, whipping winds rising
A challenge, to claim her identity
"Bend, do not break," - the Bloom emphasizing

So she stood firm, bowing but unfailing
At her back, the rest, they gathered in awe
Through storm and gasps for breath, strength unveiling
"Is she Unbroken?" - "Yes!" they cried and saw

As she did brighten, smile warm and true,
Like a breath of spring, gentle morning dew.

"The Lessons of the Blessed"

Singing sweetly forth, a violin plays
Tipped 'neath her chin, the Blessed, her hand grips
A bow, sweeping down, her midnight hair sways
Violet orbs closed, a smile 'pon her lips

A human girl sits before her, learning
Just so, the way the faeling plucks a note
Lessons for the music she is yearning
The musician playing, not just by rote

The love the Blessed has, and bears for all
All joy in her life does shine in her tune
Flaring brightly, to break down any wall
Though the song does sadly end, much too soon

It is ne'er forgotten, the wisdom taught
That bright refrain, to banish all dark thought.