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Post Date (Visible)December 2021

The stars whispered of our silent warring
All off time bided and wants suppressed
Days becoming nights and years of months
Of release barred, fulfillment forgotten

Then came you, as ever, expectant not
And those stars themselves danced circles
Revolution, revelation, and so aligned
Spelled out destiny over thirsting sands

So too I thirsted- yearned, softly begged
Torment on my lips, your name thus spoken
Parched and wanting, their salve your own
Pressing firm to forestall the drought

A rush, deluge, loosed o'er baked earth
It floods- and so drinks deep the soil
The sacred dance drawn from memories fond
Still guided by your step,  O gracious one

My hand, my heart ever twined with yours
Know stillness and freedom from burden
Within and without you, wholeness returns
Blessed desert dancer, Rainmaker mine