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Poems by Trakis

Merit for November 2021


Shapely blue limbs,
Flash from under robes of white

She attends to the Holy Supernals,
And I attend to wholly Her

The sway of Her hips,
The curvature of Her waist

A full, generous bosom,
Under cloud cover of Celestia

With the whisper of a smile,
She offers me benediction

This is my call to worship,
And I go to my knees willingly

A heretic, an infidel,
I submit to Her inquisition,

Still, stripped bare,
I pray for merciful judgement

Meridian, help me
Remove thy splinter from my heart

Or just let me drown,
With the Sacrament on my tongue



Don't look, I tell myself,
As I find myself, looking

An innocent flirtation, a conspiratorial glance,
Are sometimes enough, but sometimes not

How can I not stray from the straight path,
When priestesses have such curves?

With a swish of her skirt,
The deva beckons

The same familiar thirst,
But still new each time

The quicksilver thrill of pursuit,
Dim in the afterglow of victory

Lacking sustenance,
Man cannot live on conquest alone,

The dawn comes, and I go
Not looking

Old Celest fell, and yet
We try again