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TitleSong for the Drachou
Post Date (Visible)October 2021

Once long ago when the Basin's was sundered
The cities and communes ripped free from their moors.
Half of dear Gaudiguch partied all day
The Seekers of Flames grew angry and unsures.

Scuchi Mabuchi was drawn from her daze,
Hearing loud the cries from the citizens.
They wanted assurance the city'd be safe!
So their doubts - she sought to get rid of them.

Breathe deep did the the revelers of okorushi
And cactus weed fresh - pipes were all a-steams.
Was there in their waking-sleeps saw something grand:
An egg made of stuffs of dreams!

Dracnoris' Cradle gave powers to the egg,
And at the Menagerie with everyone's help
Through tedious fleshweaving, the Gardens Ridachi
Gave birth to Gaudiguch's glorious whelp!

Together the citizens raised the sweet pup,
To his needs did they tend night and day.
And soon when he grew - to the Pyramids he flew!
Where nothing could tempt him away!

Once more the city partied, the drinking resumed,
And the Seekers' their worries again grew.
The peoples were lazy! The Nexus needs power!
There had to be more they could do!

Scuchi Mabuchi returned, set her whiskeys aside,
To the Laboratory of Mu did she go.
With the brilliant scientists and months of hard work,
Again dearest Drachou began to grow!

His power fully realized dear Drachou grew wings
Like a butterfly's - prismatic and beautiful.
To this day we bring fiery butterflies to he,
Dearest Drachou so loyal and dutiful!

With the Drachou's new power, the Nexus Flame roared,
And the sky over Zoaka burned bright,
The Cosmic Land of Vortex and the Fiery Planes
Reconnected to the City that night.

We thanks you, Dear Drachou, our dreams come true,
For each days you keeps the city secure.
We Loves you, Dear Drachou, our hope and our pride,
For together we shall all endure.