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TitleA Listener's Initiation
Post Date (Visible)August 2021
A Listener's Initiation:
Seeking the Ancestral Guidance
of Laron Oakvine and Farella Lunseer
- 7th of Vestian, 597 CE -

In Waxing phase, before vows made,
I consecrate this blade
by moonlit water, perfumed air
and deem myself prepared.


I offer argent athame,
raised in shared duty to the Fae
and First Forest, ancient and green;
lowered to draw the line between
the sacred and mundane,
protected and profane.

I see now who stands in circle,
blessed be, both august and vernal.
Ancestors, these hands are as yours,
this guardian and priestess sworn
to tend to those in Seralem.
May they know the Host among them.