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Calliope by Xiran

Winner May 2023

Calliope, the indulgent nereid, using Uzriel's wizzer image box at a fragrant garden before the Theatre of Bloody Threnodies.

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The Lady of Lagoons by Gurashi

Runner Up May 2023

After more than a thousand years, the Lady Li-varili is released from the Morokeshe Seat.

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Presidio Blossoms by Alysi

Merit May 2023

Looking up at the cherry blossoms at midnight, only a single phrase comes to mind: "With this ink, I thee wed."

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Winner April 2023

The mothies of Mysrai's Godrealm are all noisy and good!

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The Inner Sea by Zagreus

Merit April 2023

Light radiating from the Golden Temple pierces the crystal blue waters from above.

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Rhizoda at Dusk by Zagreus

Winner March 2023

A pair of weather-beaten trees endure on the beach, finally enjoying a respite from the tempestuous Elder's rage.

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The Gloriana by Alysi

Winner February 2023

The Gloriana River is a reminder of what used to be.

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Dracnoris: pg. 8 by Esei

Runner Up February 2023

Part 8/8. Final page of the Book of Dracnoris.

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Runner Up February 2023

A pair of cutesy Lusternia-themed Valentine's day cards featuring Calioliahali and her spouse, Gurashi!

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Petrichor Sings by Xiran

Winner January 2023

"Clouds shifting high above the world we know. Where will we go? And what will we dream?" "Oh Toronada sands, golden and gleam..." - Petrichor

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