Artisanal Contest


TypeFile NameTitleDescriptionCycleArtistDate ModifiedSize
7-30 Come to the TorturerHe Awaits You Where You Least Expect It; So Tread Lightly Lest Your Life Bleed by the Bite of His Blade201612DecemberArimisia12:14 am 06/20/20191M
2016-07-22 09 03 51 Dedicant Eolae of the HartFrom Eolae Desc; Drawn by Hand; Color Manipulated on Phone201607JulyMica12:48 am 06/20/2019952k
2017-03-29 10 28 01 Serenwildes Curious HeartYmuli Strongleaf as Elfen Drew by Hand and Used a Pretty Filter201703MarchXeii11:50 pm 06/19/2019287.5k
2017-04-22 14 58 19 A Relic of the FutureAn Insurgent Symphonist from an Alternate Future Who Was One of Those Who Raided Hallifax in Urlachmar 472 CE201704AprilXeii12:41 am 06/21/2019146.1k
Artisinals Awe Overlooking Wyrded LandsA Familiar Sense of Awe Spreads through You as You Contemplate the Beauty of Creation201907JulyGurashi12:46 am 08/08/2019817.5k
Artisinals Battle Danger in the DarkIt's Always Good to Be Prepared Should Trouble Find You in the Deep; Gloomy Tunnels of the Undervault201908AugustGurashi11:02 pm 09/15/20191.6M
Carrion Bird2 Carrion BirdSome Necromancers Begin to Lose Taste for the Basin's Finest Cuisine; Instead Falling into an Unsavoury Habit of Ripping into Corpses201610OctoberGavriel12:26 am 06/20/20195.8M
DrocillaContemplate Lady Drocilla Beauteous Ruin I N ContemplationThe Lady Drocilla Arrayed in All Her Beauteous Ruin Contemplates Her Mask Here201603MarchZarialle9:01 pm 06/20/20191.6M
Gav A Night on the Town A Night on the TownHeavy Drinking in the Wailing Woman; Even Chanters Enjoy a Brief Holiday from Propriety201609SeptemberGavriel12:33 am 06/20/20194.8M
LadyViscanti Viscanti MarquessaA Notable Viscanti Citizen of Magnagora201606JuneAlaksanteri12:57 am 06/20/20191M
NovemberArtisinal Broke The DawnDaybreak; Overlooking Glomdoring from the Southern Mountains for Xenthos An'Ryshe and His Loyal Leopard Ilistala201911NovemberGurashi7:26 pm 11/13/20192.4M
October Artisinal Editted Fifteen Years of AdventuresHappy Birthday! Many Thank Yous to All of the Many Peoples and Divine Who Make the Basin the Best Place to Be!201910OctoberGurashi8:29 pm 10/30/2019976k
PrepGR2Postershrunk Drunk ViscantiRedhead Viscanti Drunk off Her Ass Somewhere in Magnagora with Only a Mutant Mutt and Some Rats to Watch over Her201604AprilUnzareh1:32 am 06/20/20191.3M
Sketch27665746 Lylith and CompanionShe Stands Somewhere in Limbo Before Her Entering of the Portal of Fate Unaware Yet of Her Destiny201608AugustLylith12:38 am 06/20/2019162.1k
Yarou Yarou NLochli Conductress of DiscordRendered Using Sketchbook Pro App on My Note 4; Enjoy201602FebruaryZarialle9:09 pm 06/20/20191.5M
Ci Yeph 0 Ciaran and YephyA Griefer and His Goober201701JanuaryCiaran12:03 am 06/20/2019573.9k
Nightawakened Night AwakeningImages Seep into Your Thoughts; Sensations and Experiences That Are Foreign and Blurred201912DecemberEsei12:49 am 12/10/20191.5M
Shaddusresized Maggots into FliesShaddus Influencing in Fains Realm201601JanuaryArimisia9:19 pm 06/20/2019981.1k
Sunfae The Megalith Stands Against the Sun FaeEmbaruli; Nimbuli; Coronuli; All Unruly!201605MayZarialle1:14 am 06/20/20191.4M
Trill Ice Angel LoranaraUnder Her Watchful Gaze the Snowfeather Tribe Propsers in the Harsh Terrain of Icewynd201702FebruaryArimisia11:52 pm 06/19/20191.5M
Underwillow Conversation Under The WillowI Cannot Speak for All but We Are Known as the Forest Without Mercy201909SeptemberEsei8:58 pm 09/21/20191.7M


Runners Up

TypeFile NameTitleDescriptionCycleArtistDate ModifiedSize
2016 0807 Ethereal Hunt Fae Gifts Ethereal SerenwildeThe Fae Leave Their Gifts and the Cycle of the Hunt Continues201608AugustXiran12:40 am 06/20/20192.6M
Angkrag Spooders Ankrag Spooder BunchA Couple Variations That You Can Get when Raising Spiders from Angkrag201908AugustKyalrhin11:03 pm 09/15/20191.6M
DecemberArtisinal An Unexpected VisitorYour Vision Suddenly Snaps Back to Full Focus and the Numbness is Replaced with a Sharp; Blinding Pain at Your Last Thought What Am I201912DecemberGurashi4:23 am 12/27/20191.1M
Glomdoring GlomdoringIn the Glomdoring Forest Mother Night Holds Sway The Shadows Obscure the Light of Moon; a Welcome Solace to Many Which Call Them Home201602FeburaryLavinya9:11 pm 06/20/2019384.5k
Herbs of Lusternia Part 1 Herbs of Lusternia Part 1201702FebruaryAnita11:52 pm 06/19/201965.3k
Marilynth Portrait of a PrincessA Painting of Young Princess Marilynth of the Celestine Empire from a Time when the Merian Race Stood Prouder201607JulyAimrath12:49 am 06/20/2019323.1k
NewCanvas1001 What Would You SayThese Things Are Dark And Unknowable To Me201910OctoberEsei12:50 am 10/12/20191.2M
NilLith Megalith of NilThe Stone Facade of the Megalith and the Harsh Unforgiving Light of the Our Holy Plane Inspired Me in This Piece of Reverant Art201606JuneMarala12:59 am 06/20/20191.9M
Stahrdust Dream PhoenixMy Interpretation of a Lovely Dream Phoenix; Also Known as Stahrdust201610OctoberLylith12:28 am 06/20/2019184.9k
Toadie Hat Toadie GurashiFor Some Reason; These Hats Are Popular Want to Be a Toadie Too Just PORTAL ENTER GLOM SHOP 11 at the Atherplex!201909SeptemberKyalrhin3:42 pm 09/19/2019300.2k
Tri Winged TrioThis One I Made Some Time Ago A Poster Like Picture of Hallifaxian Trills I Know Best; Two Still Living and One Now Dead201907JulyTrahey12:48 am 08/08/2019689.5k
Blulucid Blue LucidianOh God Did I Submit This in Time201610OctoberPhoebus12:29 am 06/20/2019159.3k
Crow Crows of NightIn the Forest a Loud Scream Calls; Heralding Night as Daylight Falls201609SeptemberEadei12:34 am 06/20/2019904.7k
Dcente Crest DCente Family CrestForged through Their Trials in a Crucible of Hardship into Warriors201701JanuaryArimisia11:58 pm 06/19/20193.6M
Final 0 Beacon of HarmonyThere is Always Room for More in the Collective201601JanuaryCiaran9:21 pm 06/20/20192.4M
Hakai Hakai the Branch Hater ShofangiThis is My Portrait of My Character Hakai He is a Shofangi Furrikin Who Had to Learn Most of the Stuff by Himself201605MayHakai1:17 am 06/20/2019164.8k
March2017 AquamancerA Gel; a Goon; and His (shy) Goober201703MarchCiaran11:51 pm 06/19/20191.1M
Orcwar Orclach WarriorShiny Scowling Orclach Lady Knight! Armor Practice!201604AprilPhoebus1:37 am 06/20/2019192.9k
Rawglom Belonging GlomdoringMixed Media Mechanical Pencil; Ink; Watercolour Pencils201603MarchCen9:03 pm 06/20/20194.1M
Sketch1458017387502 Brantas Seasinger MerianA Depiction of the Tidal Ambassador Brantas Before He Became a Celestine Official201604AprilZarialle1:35 am 06/20/20191.5M
Tbdoneish Amethyst ThunderbirdI Learned How to Do Fancy Glowy Lightning Just for You Dont Look So Grumpy Bird201602FebruaryPhoebus9:12 pm 06/20/2019270k
Viramom Tarot 2 DeathDeath Is The Major Arcana Meaning Change And Transformation Though Not Always Bad201911NovemberEsei10:07 pm 11/13/2019451.3k
Wiccan Flying WiccanSuperior Green Elfen Flying on Her Broom Abundance of Mauve Hints at Her Allegiance201612DecemberPhoebus12:17 am 06/20/2019160.7k



TypeFile NameTitleDescriptionCycleArtistDate ModifiedSize
943B8936-3AF9-44C1-9C08-2487A7632157 Ialie StarfallThe Rainbow Princess201911NovemberLendren12:37 pm 11/02/20191.8M
Charm Dracnari CharmA Cute Dracnari Charm! Made from Clay That Does Not Require to Be Baked; Acrylic Paint and Varnish201703MarchAlaksanteri11:50 pm 06/19/2019842.6k
EFTU2 Nature FlowAn Unhappy Elfen Emerges from the Undergrowth Hope She Didnt Catch You Trying to Chop Down Any Trees201610OctoberIalie12:30 am 06/20/20193M
ELY4924 Astral CorruptionA Young Serenwilder Who Spent a Bit to Much Time Within the Corruption of the Astral Plane201606JuneElyse1:07 am 06/20/20192.2M
Egg Puns Perplexing LetterMagnagora Rejected Kyalrhin's Entreaty for a Taint Wyrm with a Letter Containing Dangerous Levels of Egg Puns If You Are Curious About the Letter; Please Message Me201907JulyKyalrhin12:48 am 08/08/2019390.8k
Herbs of Lusternia Part 2 Herbs of Lusternia Part 2201704AprilAnita12:43 am 06/21/2019168k
Image002 Playing Aroundin FaethornA Silly Faeling Teases a Beautiful Unicorn201608AugustIalie12:42 am 06/20/2019466.8k
June Art LibraMitran Description201607JulyCiaran12:51 am 06/20/20193M
SCAN0014 A Warrior Vs MillaMilla a Pink Kitten That Used to Reside in the Aetherplex Was a Source of Annoyance for Many Across the Basin of Life201502FebruarySylvanas9:15 pm 06/20/20193.5M
Serenguard Serenguard TurnaroundAn Assignment in Class Was to Do a Character Rotation; So I Decided to Do One of an Elfen Serenguard in Casual Clothing201602FebruaryUnzareh9:13 pm 06/20/2019217.6k
MG 1234 Nexus of the BasinI Created Each of the Known Nexus in the Basin of Life out of Paper Using a Technique Called Quilling201604AprilSylvanas1:40 am 06/20/20197.5M
MG 1459 The Elder Sunpride TreeI Love the Concept of the Sunpride Trees! Chocolate; Pawprint Leaves; Whats Not to Like!201605MaySylvanas1:23 am 06/20/20196.6M
Air Lords The Lords and Ladies of AirThis is an Interpretation of How the Air Lords and Ladies May Look201608AugustAeral12:43 am 06/20/20197.1M
April Artisinal AquariusUrn Description201604AprilCiaran1:39 am 06/20/20191.3M
Aramel Riding Unicorn Aramel and UnicornAramel Riding Unicorn; Hunting Illithoids with a Beam Generator201907JulyKethaera12:49 am 08/08/2019385.9k
Barghest Dogs of DarknessThrough the Shadows We Stalk; Mother Nights Mighty Fangs in the Darkness201603MarchUlalah9:07 pm 06/20/201915.7k
Birdsandbees5 Giallyn and EzythA Poor Taedae Cub is Disappointed After Ialie Promised to Teach Him About the Birds and the Bees201607JulyIalie12:52 am 06/20/2019232.7k
Diri The Basins Number One Delivery ServiceOf Gnomish Design These Babies Keep the Wheels of the Basin Turning; Delivering Their Packages with a Cheerful Whistle201612DecemberGero12:22 am 06/20/2019223.9k
Forsaken ForsakenCast from Their Home They Wander with None Willing to Accept Them201603MarchArimisia9:06 pm 06/20/2019856.1k
Gemini GeminiTwin Headed Eagle Description201605MayCiaran1:21 am 06/20/20191.5M
Labeledetheraethermap A Labelled Map over Ethereal AetherspaceA Labelled Map over Ethereal Aetherspace201701JanuarySsaliss12:02 am 06/20/201924.2k
Ladantine Ladantine VII the Undead EmperorBring Me Devil Fish! And Quickly You Fool!201607JulyTarkon12:55 am 06/20/201955.7k
Ladynifilhema Lady NifilhemaNifilhema is Counted Among the Ranks of the Demon Lords of Nil201603MarchSylvanas9:04 pm 06/20/20193.5M
Lobsterartisnal2 Seafood DinnerAn Unfortunate Taedae is Not Prepared for the Dangers of the Astral Plane201609SeptemberIalie12:36 am 06/20/20191.7M
New4 My Rendition of the Moonhart Mother TreeHandcrafted by Me from Pure Copper Wire; Two Raw Uncut Rubies; and Three Raw Uncut Opals201605MayBleuu1:20 am 06/20/20194.1M
Oathbreaker The Fallen Nightingales LamentWhat Was Once Broken Can Be Made Whole Embrace Your Truth to Become Your Purest Self201606JuneTremula1:10 am 06/20/2019138.7k
Orion Orion the Celestial CatSketch of the Elusive Orion! By Far One of My Most Favourite NPCs201612DeceomberAeral12:20 am 06/20/2019938.8k
Taking Notes LipsThis is Old; My I Like the Lips201911NovemberKyalrhin9:49 pm 11/22/20191.5M

Xules Mark Mark of XuleWhen I Play Lusternia and Look at Some of the Things I Own; I See the Text It Bears the Distinctive Mark of Xule; So I Decided to Give That Undescribed Mark a Look This is What I Drew201909SeptemberXule8:32 pm 09/30/201910.2k