Daughters of Yudhe

Before time or space or movement, there was nothing: a void that was neither dark nor light, neither empty nor full; formless, without thought or mind. In an everlasting state of nothing, the impossible moves to improbable and the improbable becomes fact. And so a spark flickered in the void, and that spark was the spark of consciousness, and that consciousness was named Yudhe. Around Yudhe folded time and around time folded space, and thus Yudhe became aware. But Yudhe was all and nothing, and when his thoughts flared and blossomed, reaching out to touch another, he found only himself. So Yudhe knew loneliness.

Yearning for companionship yet being alone, Yudhe separated a part of his own consciousness to form a daughter. She called herself Magnora and was much like Yudhe, vast yet empty. Not satisfied, Yudhe fragmented himself to form a second daughter. She called herself Dynara, smaller than Magnora yet partaking of Yudhe's nature. Each daughter was separate, yet a part of Yudhe. Thus Yudhe found family.

From Yudhe, Dynara inherited his desire to create, and so she created many things, the first of which was Lusternia, also called the First World. Around Lusternia, Dynara formed countless more worlds and planes of existence and so filled the universe of Yudhe with an endless stream of things. Her older sister, Magnora, inherited only the emptiness of the void, and her purpose was to consume all that her sister created, bringing it back to nothing. And for eons, Dynara created and Magnora destroyed, and so the sisters were in harmony; a cycle of being and not being, of creation and destruction, of life and death.

Soulless Gods

Upon the worlds and planes that Dynara created, she also created life. Her first attempts to create life were monstrous abominations without a soul or spirit. Though at first she considered them to be her greatest triumphs, she came to view them as her greatest failures. They were later called the Primal Gods or First Ones, also known as the Soulless Gods. Disappointed, Dynara sent these Soulless Gods to her sister Magnora for her to consume back to nothing. But Magnora, bitter and barren, allowed them to live out of spite. Thus, the Soulless Gods became the Heralds of Magnora, travelling with her and helping her destroy and consume that which Dynara had abandoned or forgot.


Son of Yudhe

Yudhe grew tired, and begot a son, who was a reflection of Yudhe himself, containing Yudhe's very spirit. This son was without name and form, limited in omniscience yet full of potency. The Son of Yudhe went first to his sister Dynara, and through him, she understood how to create life with soul, and so together they created life from shards of their own consciousness. She and her nameless brother grouped them this way and that way, and played with them as children play with their toys. Jealous and acting in her own nature, Magnora and her Heralds sought out and devoured that life. But Dynara and the Nameless Son saved those life forms that became their favourites, and these became known as the Elder Gods, and they were many. Thus came to be the Dragon God Dracnoris, Clangorum of the Mountains, Elfenhoala the Fair, Aslarn the Quick, Meridian the Wise, Orlachmar the Strong, Trillillial of the Skies, Bollikin the Playful, and many others.

Magnora's jealousy grew, and she turned and looked upon Yudhe's only begotten son and found a desire to consume him. And so she did.

But the Nameless Son could not go back to nothingness, for he was as nothing as Yudhe. Yet, when Magnora devoured him, he impossibly disappeared from reality. Without his spirit who was his son, Yudhe roused from his complacent dreaming and thus knew despair. And so too did Magnora and Dynara despair, for they were just as much a part of Yudhe.

The Great Silence

Together the sisters found a purpose, and that purpose was to find the only begotten son of Yudhe. For eons they searched, their goals united for the first time. Finally, they became aware of a tear within the fabric of reality through which the Nameless Son had entered. But to their sorrow, they learned the Son of Yudhe was destroyed in this alternate reality. But they discerned that his essence remained, scattered through a race calling themselves humans. And so Magnora and Dynara schemed and plotted to enter this alternate reality and unite it with Yudhe, thus bringing progenitor and son back together.

When their schemes reached its apex, the sisters left through the rift in reality - but, alas, the journey changed their very natures and they were never to return. Yudhe's children, however, were more than just offspring; they were Yudhe himself. Without them, Yudhe moved back to what he was: neither dark nor light, neither empty nor full, formless, without thought or mind.

A great silence fell across creation.