Descended from the Elder God Dracnoris (also known as the Dragon God), the dracnari are a race of lizard-like humanoids with the ability to breathe fire. They have an affinity to volcanic regions, especially the fire hills of the southwest, where they were the primary founders of the city of Gaudiguch (which became lost in time during the Taint Wars). Their skin is scaled green and features range from the truly draconic to remarkably human-like. Like the merians, dracnari do not recognize half-breeds: either you are a dracnari or are not, denoted by the ability to breathe fire.

Languages: Dracnari, Common.


  • Level 1: Resistance to psychic damage. Ability: BREATHE FIRE. Melts an icewall in any direction (example: BREATHE FIRE ICEWALL AT EAST) or burn briar/thorn walls. Can light pipes with their breath (LIGHT PIPE).
  • Level 25: Resistance to fire damage.
  • Level 50: Health and mana regeneration when in burning environments.
    • Dracnari with the Pyromancy or Pyrochemantics specialisation gain a bonus to fire and asphyxiation damage.
    • Dracnari with the Paradigmatics specialisation gain a bonus to fire and psychic damage.
    • Dracnari with the Minstrelry specialisation gain a bonus to both fire and psychic damage.
  • Demigod: Trait: Breath of Dracnoris - BREATHE FIRE now ignites briar and thorn walls as well as melting icewalls on a faster balance. It automatically lights smoking pipes passively. The dracnari also has a 5% chance to breathe fire on attacks against other players, dealing fire damage and afflicting the target with ablaze.
  • Demigod+: Improved Trait: Breathe fire can now affect adjacent rooms (eg BREATHE FIRE ROOM AT WEST) causing fire damage to all within and causing a chance to set the room ablaze. Also has a 10% chance to trigger on all attacks against denizens (Attacks against other players remains at 5%).


  • Dracnari
    • Standard race
  • Illuminated Dracnari
    • Dracnari trained in the arts of Pyromancy, Pyrochemantics, or Transmology.
  • Guardian Dracnari
    • Dracnari warriors trained in the arts of Paradigmatics.
  • Rapscallion Dracnari
    • Dracnari trained in the arts of Minstrelry.