News and Events


Congratulations to the Forest of Glomdoring for dominating the wild nodes competition!

Achievements Released!

Achievements have come to Lusternia! Completing achievements will give the player rewards!

Anniversary Wargames

The winning team for the Anniversary Wargames consisted of Ceren, Narsrim and Vathael. Second place went to Krellan, Talan and Sidd. Third place went to Xenthos, Viynain and Incabulos. Congratulations all!

Glomdoring Wins Battlechess

Congratulations to the Forest of Glomdoring who won the Battlechess Tournement and claimed the Chessboard of Libertas!

Lusternia Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt were held as an anniversary event. First place went to Viynain, second place to Lehki, and third place to Xenthos.

Lusternia Anniversary Fate Game Contest

A series of fate games were held as an anniversary event. First place went to Viynain, second place to Krellan, and third place to Ruark.

Lusternia Anniversary Quiz

A Quiz was held as an anniversary event. First place went to Viynain, second place to Shuyin, and third place to Solanis.

Anniversary Harmony Challenge

A Harmony Challenge was held as an anniversary event. First place went to Viynain, second place to Krellan, and third place to Talan.

Lusternia Fifth Year Anniversary

Lusternia celebrates its Fifth Year Anniversary! There are also lotteries, gifts and the arrival of the Czigany Wayfaire, a special carnival area with loads of quests. Finishing the quests award dingbats which can be used to purchase special artifacts!

Anniversary Hamster Hunt

Lusternia celebrates it's Fifth Year Anniversary! The first anniversary game was a hamster hunt. First place went to Talan, second place to Lehki, and third place to Ceren.

Anniversary Death Match

A Death Match was held as an anniversary event. First place went to Vathael, second place to Shuyin, and third place to Nyir.

Lusternia Lore Wiki Launch

We've launched the official Lusternia Lore Wiki! It is completely player run and includes detailed information on all skill sets. Keep checking back and watch it grow!

Vathael Wins Great Hunt!

Congratulations to Vathael for coming in first place in the Great Hunt! Second place went to Veyrzhul and third place to Jozen!

Great Hunt Begins!

The Great Hunt has been called across all of Iron Realms! Players can win bound credits by bashing creatures, with the top ten winners receiving extra credit reward. Also, all players experience double experience while the hunt is active!

Return of Morgfyre

After the Elder God Raezon completed some successful experiments in the Sea of Despair, unforeseen reactions took place which resulted in the manifestation of three alien beings rising up and being drawn to the City of Magnagora. After much destruction and fighting among the beings, eventually one rose to dominance who turned out to be the new personality of Morgfyre, the Legion, who has now returned to the Basin of Life and is as active as ever.

July Vesteran Honours

The July Vesteran Honours were announced! Congratulations to Lendren who won the bardic contest with Quarter, Part IV: Pragmatism and Ried who won the artisanal contest with Voice of the Red Masque -- the second win in a row for Ried!

New Ship in Sea of Despair

The Undead Emperor Ladantine commissioned a young viscanti alchemist named Yishka Feyranti to prepare a special potion for himself. As part of the payment, Emperor Ladantine raised up a ship from the depths of the Sea of Despair for Yishka to commandeer to help her gather rare and exotic ingredients. While the results of Yishka's experiments are unknown, reports have circulated that the Emperor is looking stronger and fitter than ever before.

Rocs vs. Manticores!

The feud between lucidians and dracnari erupted to new heights with the discovery of an ancient artifact called the Mirror of Tzaraziko. This mirror was high up in the clouds and fought over between the dracnari who used rocs of the Razine Mountains to gain access to the mirror and the lucidians who used the manticores of the Southern Mountains. While the dracnari momentarily got the upper hand, the tides turned and the struggle to control the Mirror of Tzaraziko continues.

Oleanvir Graveyard Mystery

Some small drama occurred at the graveyard in Oleanvir Valley when its caretaker discovered artifacts within the mausoleums were apparently stolen. Suspecting graverobbers or even worse, adventurers came to give aide and discover the cause of the hubub, which turned out to be much more mundane than first thought. The artifacts were returned to the caretaker and all is now well.

Glomdoring Ritual Area

A new ritual area opened up in the Glomdoring Forest, dedicated to Night and Crow along with Spider, Bat, Beetle and Wasp. After the Crown of Gloriana was lost and then found, the ancient nai'Dorin Blood Rite was reenacted, which created the Ebonglom Crown and further empowered the dark forest.

Toy Wars: Conclusion

The Toy Wars boiled to greater heights when new strange figurines attacked the gnome world known as the Facility in a bid to decimate the gnomish population. However, this enabled the gnomes to finally track down the Toymaker who was residing in the gnome colony known as Bottledowns. Again, it appeared the power behind the wars were the strange slivven creatures who were able to continue to work through the remains of the Toymaker's wife. Finally, the Toymaker and his wife were finaly defeated, thanks to Xenthos An'Ryshe and his crew aboard the Aethership Widow's Web.

Holy Supernal Raziela's Final Freedom

In an unexpected and dramatic interlude from the Toy Wars, the cities of Magnagora and New Celest allied together in a heroic attempt to finally thwart the dominance of the communes and enact the mythical Xion Initiative to free the Holy Supernal Raziela. However, the alliance was also a cover by the Demon Lords of Nil to open a channel to the ethereal realm and control Maeve, Queen of the Fae, and drain the nexus points of Serenwilde and Glomdoring. The communes reacted swiftly and recovered much of the power drained as well as freeing Maeve from the bonds of corruption.

Toy Wars: Kidnapping Professor Gargle von Fixit

Professor Gargle von Fixit, the gnome who was instrumental in tracking down the Toymaker's Wife, was kidnapped! It took many hours to find where the Professor was hiding but eventually Captain Talan Ysav'rai of the aethership known as the Great Arachnid and her crew found and freed him.

Toy Wars: The Toymaker's Wife

Congratulations to Ilyarin and his crew for tracking down the Toymaker's Wife (aka Yoftie r'Wesmak) who was hiding out in the quarantined aetherbubble known as Mucklemarsh. Interestingly enough, Mucklemarsh was also the home of the finks. It was also home to the parastic horrors known as the slivven, who preyed on gnomes.

Toy Wars: The Beginning

Dynami, Ayrna and Adala were the first to discover that the toys sold by Yoftie r'Wesmak's were not all they seemed, as they began steal gold and commodities from their owners. Kiradawea, Iytha and Sahmiam tried to track down Yoftie r'Wesmak and discovered that her name was an anagram for "Toymaker's Wife". When the gnomes of the Facility in aetherspace heard this, they were placed on high alert. Meanwhile, all the toys have since mysteriously disappeared.