News and Events

Holy Supernal Raziela's Final Freedom

In an unexpected and dramatic interlude from the Toy Wars, the cities of Magnagora and New Celest allied together in a heroic attempt to finally thwart the dominance of the communes and enact the mythical Xion Initiative to free the Holy Supernal Raziela. However, the alliance was also a cover by the Demon Lords of Nil to open a channel to the ethereal realm and control Maeve, Queen of the Fae, and drain the nexus points of Serenwilde and Glomdoring. The communes reacted swiftly and recovered much of the power drained as well as freeing Maeve from the bonds of corruption.

Toy Wars: Kidnapping Professor Gargle von Fixit

Professor Gargle von Fixit, the gnome who was instrumental in tracking down the Toymaker's Wife, was kidnapped! It took many hours to find where the Professor was hiding but eventually Captain Talan Ysav'rai of the aethership known as the Great Arachnid and her crew found and freed him.

Toy Wars: The Toymaker's Wife

Congratulations to Ilyarin and his crew for tracking down the Toymaker's Wife (aka Yoftie r'Wesmak) who was hiding out in the quarantined aetherbubble known as Mucklemarsh. Interestingly enough, Mucklemarsh was also the home of the finks. It was also home to the parastic horrors known as the slivven, who preyed on gnomes.

Toy Wars: The Beginning

Dynami, Ayrna and Adala were the first to discover that the toys sold by Yoftie r'Wesmak's were not all they seemed, as they began steal gold and commodities from their owners. Kiradawea, Iytha and Sahmiam tried to track down Yoftie r'Wesmak and discovered that her name was an anagram for "Toymaker's Wife". When the gnomes of the Facility in aetherspace heard this, they were placed on high alert. Meanwhile, all the toys have since mysteriously disappeared.

End of the Toy Sale

The old lady gnome named Yoftie r'Wesmak arrived one last time at the Aetherplex, sweating and looking about nervously. She had with her the last of her wares, dozens and dozens of dolls which she put up for sale at the rock bottom price of 100 gold coins each. The merchants Richter and Celeris were primarily responsible for buying out the rest of her supplies, after which she made a sudden and hasty departure.

Cheap Toys Arrive in the Basin!

A strange old lady gnome with the unlikely name of Yoftie r'Wesmak has been making sporadic appearances at the Aetherplex. She sells extremely high quality toys at bargain prices. News of her visits has been slowly spreading and demand for her wares has been on the rise.

June Vesteran Honours

The June Vesteran Honours were announced! Congratulations to Aramel who won the bardic contest with Blood and Stone and Ried who won the artisanal contest with Lessons.

Great Hunt!

As part of Iron Realms' Summer Slaughter, Lusternia ran a Great Hunt as well as a double expereince weekend. The winner of the Great Hunt was Vathael Feyranti who took home the 500 credit first place prize. Congratulations!

Forging Updates

The final tweaks to forging were implemented, which makes forging easier than ever for warriors who take this craft skill. The focus on forging was the result of a survey on the Official Forums which asked players what coding project they wanted Lusternia to concentrate on this month. Special thanks to Desitrus who helped as the liason between the admin and players to streamline the forging processes.

May Vesteran Honours

The May Vesteran Honours were announced! Congratulations to Nariah who won the bardic contest with The Fall of House d'Vanecu and Serella who won the artisanal contest with Moon's Chosen.

New Celest Amphitheatre

With the building of an amphitheatre in New Celest, an emissary of the Holy Supernals arrived to take up residence within and help the Star Council dispense justice. Thus arrived Thiodone Ladyn, the Illuminator's Magistrate, who was personally instructed by the Holy Supernal Japhiel to conduct the Ritual of Petala. Justice was almost immediately carried out upon his arrival when the ritual was enacted upon Jozan d'Deneith for various crimes against the state.

The Arthar'rt Observatory

A lucidian scientist named Atrian Lerit'r joined the lucidians of the Arthar'rt Observatory in the Northern Mountains. Atrian had recently received funding from the Observatory Board of Directors to research and build a new teleportation device, which would perhaps be strong enough to reach the lost city of Hallifax or other historical sites that were out of reach from the Basin of Life. Many interested in the project pitched in to help build the laboratory. Eventually, the machine was built and the first tests conducted.

War: Commune vs. Cities

While searching for the means to free the Holy Supernal Raziela from the bonds of Faethorn, the Celestines of New Celest found themselves in discussions with the tainted city of Magnagora wherein the usually opposing cities contemplated combining elemental forces to confound the nature magics of the communes. Whether or not an alliance would have ever been reached will never be known, because Magagora was betrayed by one of its own.

Return of Raezon

After the discovery of the Mirror of Vestera, the strange artifact acted as a receiver for the communications of the Elder God known as Raezon who had disappeared decades earlier in order to pursue some arcane research out in the depths of the Void. Apparently, Raezon was lost and unable to return to the First World, and gave explicit instructions to his followers on how to build a construct that would allow him to return. Eventually, this was accomplished, enabling Raezon to return to the Basin of Life, bringing with him strange, metal sphere that appeared almost sentient.

The Malacoda Manor

In the Blasted Land, an archaelogist disappeared researching some ancient ruins. Upon investigation, the ruins turned out to be the remains of the Malacoda Manor, thought destroyed during the Taint Wars. Though very little of the manor itself was left, a powerful artifact known as the Mirror of Vestera was discovered within. The artifact was used to escape the Taint Wars but something went disastrously wrong, splintering the original inhabitants into fragments of themselves across different dimensions.

Specializations in Enchantment and Alchemy

Llandros of the Cacophony won the gnomish Scrapgiving holiday contest, penning the jingle "Gnomish Grand Idea". Meanwhile Lendren Starfall won the dwarvish Klangfest holiday contest with his bawdy song, "Fourplay". Lendren gave up his prize to the runner-up, Sylphas Talnara for his song, "Wild Witches". The prizes turned out to be new trade skill specializations. Bards will now be able to take Enchantment (if they have high magic) or Alchemy (if they have low magic). However, both these skills have been split into specializations.

Trial of Ascension: Rise of Viynain

During the Trial of Ascension, not many Sealbearers dared to wield the Staff of Ascension, but two contenders rose to dominate the event: Xiel Peulus of the Spiritsingers who bore the Seal of Nature, and Veyrzhul La'Saet of the Celestines who bore the Seal of Harmony. Buttressed by their allies, the two Sealbearers fought each other throughout the astral plane as well as the insanity of Kethuru and the hideous abominations made manifest by his will. Finally, Xiel mastered the Staff of Ascension and reformed the Nine Seals.

Challenge of Beauty

For nearly two years, artists have been preparing their greatest works to enter into the Challenge of Beauty. The winning entry went to a Master Chef, who was none other than Silferras Ysav'rai of the Blacktalon with a platter of the planes which left those who sampled it fulfilled in both spirit and belly!

Challenge of Death

The clash of swords and magic echoed throughout Lusternia as the Trial of Death commenced, calling out for the most bloodthirsty of mortals to meet the darkest of challenges. In the end, no one could compare to the skill of Vathael Feyranti of the Serenguard who left a sea of blood behind him as he claimed the Seal of Death! Second place went to Nydekion La'Saet of the Paladins, third place went to Asmodea Kamau of the Shofangi, fourth place went to Prince Steingrim of the Tahtetso, and fifth place went to Ceren Valtyros of the Geomancers.

Challenge of Life

When a plague of maladies and ailments struck the furrikin population, the Challenge of Life began. A champion emerged in their hour of need, as Xenthos An'Ryshe of the Ebonguard demonstrated his profound knowledge of healing, thus claiming the Seal of Life! Second place went to Nydekion La'Saet of the Paladins, third place went to Rika Talnara of the Ebonguard, fourth place went to Ceren Valtyros of the Geomancers, and fifth place went to Lanfayr d'Murani of the Ninjakari.

Challenge of Death

At the behest of Avechna, contenders eager to enter the Challenge of Harmony came from all corners of the Basin of Life. Throughout the challenge, they sought out all sentient life, influencing them to bring harmony to the land. Finally, Veyrzhul La'Saet of the Celestines rose to be the one who travelled the furthest and influenced the most, thus claiming the Seal of Harmony!

Challenge of Knowledge

For the Challenge of Knowledge, Avechna gathered the wisest sages, scholars and intellectuals to test thier knowledge. After many grueling questions, it became clear that Ishant Nightshade of the Shadowdancers was truly worthy to claim the Seal of Knowledge! Second place went to Nariah d'Iasani of the Nihilists, third place went to Karnagan De'Unnero of the ur'Guard, fourth place went to Rika Talnara of the Ebonguard, and fifth place went to Lehki Mes'ard of the Hartstone.

Challenge of Nature

Avechna gathered many people of the Basin of Life together to vie for the Challenge of Nature as part of Lusternia's Ascension 2009 event. Looking through a magical kaleidoscope, contestants saw brief clues of the path they needed to follow to find the Seal of Nature. The long, arduous journey ended with Xiel Peulus of the Spiritsingers being the first to master the paths and claim the Seal of Nature!

Challenge of Justice

The Challenge of Justice was the next exciting challenge in Lusternia's Ascension 2009 event. As dozens of contestants showed up to debate one another, it was Malarious d'Murani of the Harbingers who proved that he was truly worthy to claim the Seal of Justice! Second place went to Nejii Talnara of the Shofangi, third place went to his daughter, Rika Talnara of the Ebonguard, fourth place went to Eamon Starleaf of the Hartstone, and fifth place went to Karnagan De'Unnero of the ur'Guard.

Challenge of War

Hailing from all parts of the Basin, many three-persons teams answered the call to compete in the Challenge of War. The first round was won by Thoros, Ceren, and Romero. The second round was won by Desitrus, Vathael, and Shuyin. The third round was won by Malicia, Narsrim, and Talkan. The last qualifying round was won by Xiel, Lehki, and Casilu. Each pretrial winner received a 100 credit award. The final challenge pitted all of the winning teams against each other. In the chaos of battle that ensued, Vathael, Desitrus, and Shuyin emerged as the winners of the Trial.