News and Events

Marriage of a Fae Couple

Two fae in Faethorn, Butter Sweetpease and her mate Perriwinkle, were blessed with a seedling, which would blossom into a young fae babe. Both the communes of Serenwilde and Glomdoring cared for the delicate plant during its gestation, which finally grew and blossomed into a new male fae, Dandelion Sweetpease. Much to the chagrin of his parents, Dandelion has the unfortunate habit of flying apart into many smaller versions of himself which need to be lured back with the promise of honeycakes!

Destruction of the Celestine Guildhall

In New Celest, newly arrived Jarana Farain, whose prominent merian family had ties back to the time of the Old Celetine Empire, led a group of adventurers to salvage treasure chests from ships sunk by the kelpies during the Taint Wars. Ignoring dire warnings against opening one particularly well-locked chest, the Celestines unleashed an invisible force that ultimately turned into a living tempest which destroyed their guildhall and moved out into the rest of the Basin of Life. Eventually, the tempest was trapped with the summoning of St.

Discordant Notes at the Tree of Trees

Once again, drama unfolded around the Tree of Trees as discordant notes in the Song of Creation surrounded this Great Nature Spirit. The combined effort of the commune bard guilds, the Spiritsingers and the Harbingers, were finally able to break the discordant beat, though it cost them their artifacts, the Ebony Mandolin of Mahalla and the Argentine Lyre.

Scorpion Caverns

In the Skarch Desert, both the dracnari nomad camp and the lucidian mesa facility were secretly competing to break through a mysterious psionic shield in the nearby mountain range. Little did they know that the shield was being maintained by an illithoid cenobite master. When the shield finally fell, it was discovered that it protected the Scorpion Caverns, home to a secretive cult who followed the mysterious Great Nature Spirit known as Grandmother Scorpion.

Sacrifice at the Tree of Trees

The Great Nature Spirit known as the Tree of Trees became ill, and the nature communes of Serenwilde and Glomdoring put aside their differences to work together and heal the mighty spirit. In the process, they had to sacrifice the two mighty artifacts, the Ancient Cudgel of Glinshari and the Black Cudgel of Mighty Crow, respectively the champion artifacts of the Hartstone and Blacktalon guilds. Eventually, the tree was healed and new champion artifacts were forged by the Tree of Trees herself.

Return of Charune

The Elder God Charune, the Horned One, returned to Lusternia after a long absence. He immediately entrapped his mate, the Elder Goddess Lisaera, and created strange sea creatures known as quinotaurs. It became apparent that he was entranced by powerful magics. Lisaera was eventually freed by mortals led by the Elder Goddess Maylea, and Lisaera was then able to break the enchantment that gripped Charune. His memories were in disrepair and he could not remember what mysterious force created this enchantment that snared him. he only recalled the powerful fragrance of spices and musk.

Double Experience!

Lusternian adventurers received double experience for the weekend of July 5, 2008!

Family Great Houses

The Lusternia Family System has recently received a series of updates, including the implementation of Lesser Houses and Great Houses. Since families have grown through the years, the Lesser/Banner and Great House system gives larger families more political weight within their respective cities (or nature communes). This great roleplaying factor has just gotten a lot more interesting!

The Mosquitoes of Tolborolla

In the usually tranquil Tolborolla Valley, giant insects plagued the peaceful furrikin and tae'dae there. The root of the problem was traced to Bavarro Flatfur, the tae'dae caretaker of the caves, who let the mosquitoes breed uncontrolled because of his increasingly bizarre superstitious behavior. Adventurers were quick to dispatch the mosquitoes and help Bavarro overcome his phobias.

Awakening Isune

Trapped in the dreams of the Wyrden Forest for many decades, the Elder Goddess Isune finally was able to break free from her trancelike slumber, with the help of mortals. This also brought the Elder Goddess Viravain back from her deep meditations. As both goddesses had initially created the Wyrd of Glomdoring, they were still both linked to its manifest power. Isune eventually split her spirit into many parts, and it was up to mortals to choose how she would be reformed, either finally to be freed of the Wyrd or to embrace it wholly.

Maylea, Bloom of Serenity

A strange bard wandered into the Basin, and in her wake a strange breed of wildflowers sprouted up among the mountain paths. She seemed oblivious to the fact that these wildflowers began interfering with the routes of travellers and eventually the strange bard agreed to help remove these plants. It was later revealed that the bard was a goddess in disguise, having recently returned to Lusternia. Her name is Maylea, Bloom of Serenity, and she has since settled in the Serenwilde Forest.

The i'Xiia Asylum

House i'Xiia delved deep into their ancestral history and uncovered the i'Xiia Asylum, sealed away during the Taint Wars. This horrific site survived as an endless cycle of pain as the undead patients are forever tortured by their sadistic undead wardens. However, this did not deter the i'Xiia viscanti family from attempting to exploit the research their ancestors started there, though they are opposed by a strange elemental force that also resides in the corridors of the asylum.

Kryden Valik

An amnestic aslaran was found wandering with the undervault, apparently never having seen the world above. It was later discovered that deeply hidden underground was an entire community of underground aslarans worshipping mysterious gods, calling their cavernous abode the Kryden Valik.

Racial Updates

Many of Lusternia's 20 unique races have been tweaked and rebalanced with new abilities and statistics. Dwarves now officially possess alcohol tolerance, which includes the gift of reducing damage the more inebriated they are! Other new abilities include advantages in influencing, ranging from the sinister illithoid's prowess in intimidation to the seductive charisma of the artistic trill. All Lusternians have been granted a free reincarnation.

Wydyr Glade

The Well of Souls was drying out and it was uncovered that there was a hidden place known as the Caoimhe Dell, which held a community of elfen were caretakers of the source of the waters of the well. This dell was also a crossroads into an ethereal pocket known as the Wydyr Glade.

Pierre Merau

Fleeing from an imminent marriage and meddling mother, Pierre Merau left his native Delport to set up business as a fur trader in the Razine Mountains. He is quite happy now, as adventurers frequently visit him in his hut, trading furs and stories.

Nekotai Guild Opens

The Nekotai Guild officially opened to the public in the Commune of Glomdoring! It is the fourth monk guild in Lusternia, which specializes in the nekai claw, a handheld weapon with three long blades. Mastering the scorpion style of combat, these monks are stealthy and rely on fast attacks and poisons.

Sacrifice of the Loving Radiance

As was prophesized, archangels trapped in the body of the Soulless God Muud were discovered, and Holy Supernal Raziela the Loving Radiance sacrificed herself to Muud in order to free them. Taking advantage of her being bound by Muud, Faethorn bound Raziela so she would never be able to convert fae to cherubs, and the Demon Lords of Nil directed their followers to brand Raziela with their dark marks. Eventually, Raziela was freed from Muud and laid upon an ancient artifact from the Elder Wars. The artifact sent a call into the vast reaches of the Void to contact Eventru, Crown of the Exalted.


Prophesies cropped up throughout the Basin of Life, arising from the Star of Celest, the Necromentate of Magnagora, the Ancestral Spirits of the Serenwilde, and by Mother Night in Glomdoring.


Weeky Peedia, the furrikin savant of the World Library, had summoned his niece, Nia Peedia, to help him take care of the World Library. However, Nia was determined not to settle down but instead experience life first hand through travelling. Eventually, however, she was convinced to settle down and help her poor uncle mind the dusty stacks--only to discover an infestation of bookwurms!

Shallach River Tragedy

A kinswoman in New Celest reported that Lileira Teldale, her cousin and a prominent researcher, was missing. Apparently having disappeared while researching life within the Sea of Despair, Lileira Teldale was discovered on the banks of the Shallach River, taking care of her sick husband, Kreer Teldale.

Nocht the Silent

Terrible fires plagued Glomdoring and eventually erupted on the Manifestation of Mother Night. It turned out these were unwanted overtures of Father Sun and his minions, the sun fae. Eventually, the fires were put out though Mother Night was left badly hurt. She called out in pain, and her cries were heard by her creator, the Elder God known as Nocht the Silent, who entered the realms and settled within Glomdoring.

The Hyfae of the Undervault

When the kephera of the Undervault began searching for a cure, it was discovered that they were treating a race that had kept hidden with the Undervault. This race was called the hyfae and were cousins to the fae. Their ailment turned out to be a much more serious affair, coming from an ancient evil buried deep within the Undervault. However, through the diligence of the people of the Basin of Life, the ailment was beaten back . . . for now.

Book of Clangorum

The next chapter in the Elder Wars History has been released! Be sure to read the Book of Clangorum.

Vernal Ascendant Nejii Talanara

Nejii Talnara rises as the first Vernal Ascendant!