News and Events

Challenge of Beauty

For nearly two years, artists have been preparing their greatest works to enter into the Challenge of Beauty. The winning entry went to a Master Chef, who was none other than Silferras Ysav'rai of the Blacktalon with a platter of the planes which left those who sampled it fulfilled in both spirit and belly!

Challenge of Death

The clash of swords and magic echoed throughout Lusternia as the Trial of Death commenced, calling out for the most bloodthirsty of mortals to meet the darkest of challenges. In the end, no one could compare to the skill of Vathael Feyranti of the Serenguard who left a sea of blood behind him as he claimed the Seal of Death! Second place went to Nydekion La'Saet of the Paladins, third place went to Asmodea Kamau of the Shofangi, fourth place went to Prince Steingrim of the Tahtetso, and fifth place went to Ceren Valtyros of the Geomancers.

Challenge of Life

When a plague of maladies and ailments struck the furrikin population, the Challenge of Life began. A champion emerged in their hour of need, as Xenthos An'Ryshe of the Ebonguard demonstrated his profound knowledge of healing, thus claiming the Seal of Life! Second place went to Nydekion La'Saet of the Paladins, third place went to Rika Talnara of the Ebonguard, fourth place went to Ceren Valtyros of the Geomancers, and fifth place went to Lanfayr d'Murani of the Ninjakari.

Challenge of Death

At the behest of Avechna, contenders eager to enter the Challenge of Harmony came from all corners of the Basin of Life. Throughout the challenge, they sought out all sentient life, influencing them to bring harmony to the land. Finally, Veyrzhul La'Saet of the Celestines rose to be the one who travelled the furthest and influenced the most, thus claiming the Seal of Harmony!

Challenge of Knowledge

For the Challenge of Knowledge, Avechna gathered the wisest sages, scholars and intellectuals to test thier knowledge. After many grueling questions, it became clear that Ishant Nightshade of the Shadowdancers was truly worthy to claim the Seal of Knowledge! Second place went to Nariah d'Iasani of the Nihilists, third place went to Karnagan De'Unnero of the ur'Guard, fourth place went to Rika Talnara of the Ebonguard, and fifth place went to Lehki Mes'ard of the Hartstone.

Challenge of Nature

Avechna gathered many people of the Basin of Life together to vie for the Challenge of Nature as part of Lusternia's Ascension 2009 event. Looking through a magical kaleidoscope, contestants saw brief clues of the path they needed to follow to find the Seal of Nature. The long, arduous journey ended with Xiel Peulus of the Spiritsingers being the first to master the paths and claim the Seal of Nature!

Challenge of Justice

The Challenge of Justice was the next exciting challenge in Lusternia's Ascension 2009 event. As dozens of contestants showed up to debate one another, it was Malarious d'Murani of the Harbingers who proved that he was truly worthy to claim the Seal of Justice! Second place went to Nejii Talnara of the Shofangi, third place went to his daughter, Rika Talnara of the Ebonguard, fourth place went to Eamon Starleaf of the Hartstone, and fifth place went to Karnagan De'Unnero of the ur'Guard.

Challenge of War

Hailing from all parts of the Basin, many three-persons teams answered the call to compete in the Challenge of War. The first round was won by Thoros, Ceren, and Romero. The second round was won by Desitrus, Vathael, and Shuyin. The third round was won by Malicia, Narsrim, and Talkan. The last qualifying round was won by Xiel, Lehki, and Casilu. Each pretrial winner received a 100 credit award. The final challenge pitted all of the winning teams against each other. In the chaos of battle that ensued, Vathael, Desitrus, and Shuyin emerged as the winners of the Trial.

Challenge of Chaos

As Lusternia's Ascension 2009 commenced, the Challenge for the Seal of Chaos ended with Sarrasri Talnara of the Moondancers claiming the first medallion! Second place went to Rika Talnara of the Ebonguard, third place went to Ceren Valtyros of the Geomancers, fourth place went to Vathael Feyranti of the Serenguard, and fifth place went to Lisuarte of the Spiritsingers.

A Plague of Gods

Unknown to god and mortal alike, the essence pumped into gods from their mortal worshipers were slowly poisoning them. The backlash was a sore on Avechna's Peak which released a plague of replicas of the gods. These false gods eventually tried to become true gods by assaulting Mighty Kethuru, who was almost freed until the armies of mortals descended and vanquished them. Though the false gods are gone and the Elder Gods are creating realms in aetherspace to channel excess energies from mortal worship, the Nine Great Seals are weakened.

Zazzle Store

We opened up a Zazzle Store to showcase our artwork on a variety of products. Check it out!

Erratic Gods

Since the discovery of dark prophesies over the past several months, events appear to be coming to a head. The Elder Gods have been behaving erratically, exhibiting increasingly bizarre behavior. A strange blemish has appeared on the side of Avechna's Peak.

Jolly Bundy and the Solstice Gnomes!

Once again, Jolly Bundy and the Solstice Gnomes returned to give many gifts to many in the Basin. Also, Ironbeard the Magnanimous was frequently encountered joining in the gift giving extravaganza!

Secret of the Goldfeathers

Sheena Goldfeather, a trill who lives in the Grey Moors, discovered much to her surprise that her cousin Kyree had returned from his wanderings outside of the Basin of Life. Arriving in a caravan, Kyree Goldfeather revealed he had been looking for many exotic potions. Discovering a nest of manticores high in the Southern Mountians, Kyree was able to extract their poison for a particular potion he was interested in. It was later discovered that for generations the Goldfeathers had been keeping their ancestor, Hieli Goldfeather, locked up.

Isune's Masterpiece

The Elder Goddess Isune came out of her absence to reveal she had been creating a personal masterpiece, a sculpture which she called the Inedra. Having channeled much of her emotions and even some of her spirit into the great work, the Inedra reflects many of Isune's personal transformations and emotions, from joy to despair. Curiously, Isune herself seemed more subdued and less animated after completion of the Inedra.

Ghosts! Ghosts! And more ghosts!

Atropos the Eldest Fate lost her shears and ghosts were on the loose in the Basin of Life! Mortals were asked to help collect the lost ghosts, and were awarded with tasty treats that gave various blessings.

The Cloud Gardens of Clarramore

Lady Clarramore revealed herself in the Northern Mountains as a trill noblewoman who wanted to advance herself in society. Though she tried to host a fabulous party for the upper crust denizens in the Basin, she was beset by a myriad of unfortunate events. Eventually, she hired some more competent assistants who were able to help her out. In this, it was revealed she was the caretaker of the Cloud Gardens of Clarramore, a fantastic and ancient area where trill farm the clouds for several exotic commodities.

Revelations of Beastmastery

After a variety of animals were stolen from stables throughout the land, they began appearing on the highways of the Basin in a state of wild mutation. Eventually, dracnari elders came forward to reveal that some of their secrets had been stolen which was likely the cause of the mutations. Using ancient magic, the dracnari were eventually able to track down the thieves with the help of members from all cities and communes. It was discovered that the leader of this den of thieves was a young dracnari named Yirit Iborchi.

Fourth Year Anniversary

We celebrated our Fourth Year Anniversary celebrations throughout the week with many games and events!

Awakening of the Scrumhogs

On the Isle of Vesucia in Bondero Bay, a family of merians settled to start farming the rich soil there. Unfortunately, this awoke the scrumhogs, artificial creatures created by ancient magic which were thought to have died out during the Taint Wars. It took the combined efforts of Archmage Marinus aided by Rika Talnara to create a energy field that would repel the scrumhogs. Only time will tell how long this field may hold.

Great Hunt!

A Great Hunt was held in which everyone in Lusternia was able to participate in. Credit prizes were awarded for everyone who killed or influenced the denizens, with greater prizes for the Top Ten. Congratulations to Ceren who was crowned the Top Hunter!

Marriage of a Fae Couple

Two fae in Faethorn, Butter Sweetpease and her mate Perriwinkle, were blessed with a seedling, which would blossom into a young fae babe. Both the communes of Serenwilde and Glomdoring cared for the delicate plant during its gestation, which finally grew and blossomed into a new male fae, Dandelion Sweetpease. Much to the chagrin of his parents, Dandelion has the unfortunate habit of flying apart into many smaller versions of himself which need to be lured back with the promise of honeycakes!

Destruction of the Celestine Guildhall

In New Celest, newly arrived Jarana Farain, whose prominent merian family had ties back to the time of the Old Celetine Empire, led a group of adventurers to salvage treasure chests from ships sunk by the kelpies during the Taint Wars. Ignoring dire warnings against opening one particularly well-locked chest, the Celestines unleashed an invisible force that ultimately turned into a living tempest which destroyed their guildhall and moved out into the rest of the Basin of Life. Eventually, the tempest was trapped with the summoning of St.

Discordant Notes at the Tree of Trees

Once again, drama unfolded around the Tree of Trees as discordant notes in the Song of Creation surrounded this Great Nature Spirit. The combined effort of the commune bard guilds, the Spiritsingers and the Harbingers, were finally able to break the discordant beat, though it cost them their artifacts, the Ebony Mandolin of Mahalla and the Argentine Lyre.

Scorpion Caverns

In the Skarch Desert, both the dracnari nomad camp and the lucidian mesa facility were secretly competing to break through a mysterious psionic shield in the nearby mountain range. Little did they know that the shield was being maintained by an illithoid cenobite master. When the shield finally fell, it was discovered that it protected the Scorpion Caverns, home to a secretive cult who followed the mysterious Great Nature Spirit known as Grandmother Scorpion.