Shofangi Guild

Affiliation: Commune of Serenwilde
Archetype: Monk

In the year 178, Kephera Queen of Queens Zenobia announced that in exchange for her resurrection, Grand Master Osierti would teach the Serenwilde the ancient science of monkhood. Named after a long-lost Fae word signifying the strength and majesty of Brother Hart, the first monk guild to be founded on the Basin's surface would be taught to use shofa, a special knife comprised of two conjoined crescent blades. As monks and as members of Serenwilde they value both strength alone and as part of a greater whole. Each member is encouraged to be independent and develop their own talents so that they can best support the guild.

The Shofangi are of the monk archetype. As such, after having mastered the basic monk practices of Kata, they specialise in Shofangi, the art of using double crescent knives or Shofa. Their secondary skill is Harmony, the Kephera-taught study of harmonising their body, heart and mind with the elements of Water, Wind, Wood, Fire and Metal. Shofangi may also choose to learn psionics, eventually turning their study to their bodies with psychometabolism, or acrobatics.