Role Playing Games: 5 Ways to Stay Busy in Lusternia

So you've just entered the high fantasy role playing world of Lusternia. You've decided to become a maniacal pyromancer, a solemn paladin, or a dutiful druid... but what now? Many players new to Lusternia are unsure of what to do, and it's understandable, because there's so much to do! It is a role playing game first, of course, but there's many things to keep you busy when role playing isn't so hot! Should you hunt? Fly around in an aethership, or help out your city or commune? Well lucky for you I've worked up just such a list, for newbies and oldbies alike, of common activities to keep yourself busy in the immersive text game world of Lusternia.



Hunting is one of the most common activities in any Iron Realms text game. It's easy to do, and a simple way to make some money. But Lusternia has a unique alternative to hunting, for the more passive among us: Influencing. Every influencable enemy is analyzed to find the weakness of their personality, and you may engage in different ego battles, generally dependant on their weakness. The rewards range from receiving any gold they may have dropped on death, to changing the denizens level(for better or worse!), or even making them defend you! And after influencing a denizen, and gaining the experience for doing so, you can then slay them, effectively doubling your gain!



Within the role playing game world of Lusternia, there are many villages that can come under the sway of the major cities and communes within the Basin of Life. You can join in the battle of wills to control these villages during revolts, or do jobs for the villages to help them produce more commodities. From the dwarven keeps of Rockholm, Southgard, and Angkrag to furrikin community of Estelbar, there are several activies to do for the benefit of villages under your city/commune's influence. You can bring in dead cows, deer, and sheep for leather or meat, or lead in live cows and sheep for milk and cloth, or even chop down trees for lumber.



Every text game organization has their own culture, which is influenced by several factors, which you can help enhance! You can wander the basin to bring in bards and scholars to your city or commune, which not only increases your org's culture, but also increases it's power! You can also write theatre productions for the org's stage, or books for the org's library. There are increases in culture for the largest libraries, as well as the best publications. No matter what you enjoy, there is a way for you to increase culture for your text game organization!



Another activity you can engage in for the good of your city or commune is the gathering of power for it's Nexus. Power is used by the organization itself, as well as the players who are a part of it! Each organization has it's own quests to bring in power, but there are several less org-specific methods. One is, again, the gathering of bards and scholars. Another involves travelling the different planes to hunt creatures for essence, which can be converted to your text game organization's usable type and added to the nexus for power. You can also travel in an aethership and syphon power from vortexes in aetherspace.



Lusternia has one of the most in-depth rpg game combat systems, sporting 700+ spells and abilities, as well as over 200 afflictions. For the combat-minded, there's a lot to learn and engage in. You can join in friendly spars, competitive duels, fun arena events, planar raids, village conflicts, among others! Other than physical combat, you can engage in debates, which are one-on-one battles of wills between adventurers. Though the loser does not die, or lose experience, they will be unable to use their influencing skills for some time.


As you can see, there are plenty of activities to engage in within the high fantasy role playing game Lusternia. They are varied and interesting, and this isn't even all of them!


Ankastra's picture
7:24 PM

No mention of questing? I'm a

No mention of questing? I'm a big quester and it'll definitely take up your time if you put your mind to it!

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8:58 AM

Always something to do

As a new comer, I must say that Lusternia does have that feeling a lot more, that there is a lot more to do here. Although this does slightly depend on what city/commune you're in.

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1:16 AM

nice artical for beginners

This is a nice artical for beginners but, it left out a lot of stuff. but, these first steps are the baby steps to always staying in lusternia. it's one of the best ir games if you ask me. I've only peaked at the others but, Istill tink lusternia is the best out of the lot.

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12:17 AM

Villages would be great if

Villages would be great if they weren't always run by Glomdoring...

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4:30 AM

Once upon a time, Glomdoring

Once upon a time, Glomdoring didn't have any villages. I'm sure it'll roll around again. Eventually.

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12:34 AM

Yep, tons to do in

Yep, tons to do in Lusternia.

A biggie that was left out but that Lusternia has going for it are the numerous huge quests to work on.

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1:08 AM

I kind of wish the big 'evil'

I kind of wish the big 'evil' ones would get done sometime, just because I've never seen them in effect. I.e. Soulforge, what happens if Marani stays up a long time, etc.

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12:03 AM

Just stay focused

The wonderful and tough thing about having so many things to do is getting something done. Once you see something you want to do, push for it. If it's RP, get good at it. Learn to get into your role. Be the character. If you're trying to get a manse, plan it out. Find an Artisan and get furniture. The main point is whatever you do do it and do it well. Kre's thing now is just becoming a Demi-God and owning a manse. Sitting in a rocking chair and reading isn't a bad life ya know.

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11:50 AM

Random RP's always fun.

Random RP's always fun. Always is nice to meet new people too!

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2:02 AM

When I get bored, I just

When I get bored, I just indulge in random RP with random people. Laughing out loud

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11:21 PM

Don't forget...

There's also the social portion of the game. Being able to influence your fellow adventurers is almost as useful as influencing denizens, if not moreso.

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8:11 PM

Always something to do

I never feel bored in Lusternia. The amount of options we have is great.

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12:14 AM

I'm a fan

... of the old honours quest! Takes up most of my time.

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11:23 AM

More ways to stay busy

Set baby steps on a goal, and try to reach each goal. Sakr's goal is to be one of the richest in the basin, for instance, so I put baby steps for him to reach, each in various different fields, which would keep him consistently busy.

Or in creating worlds through your aethermanse, that is a very addicting in the power you hold, creating worlds upon worlds for your personal enjoyment.

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1:15 PM


Gathering power at early levels is pretty good experience and gold too! Not to mention a neat Honours line Laughing out loud

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2:24 PM

well, that depends on your organization

but I find bards, scholars and pilgrims always a great boost for new platers

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12:23 PM

Great article!

May "oldbies" be a term to stick for coming millenia!

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9:14 AM


I actually use younglings and elders, or just old people.