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Announce News Post #2849

The Linorii Menagerie and Garosaur Conundrum

Written by: Estarra the Eternal
Date: Monday, September 3rd, 2018
Addressed to: Everyone

With the glowbat population stabilising thanks to the rigorous research
of the Basin's foremost linorii researchers, each researcher published a
comprehensive report based on their findings. With this stabilisation,
it was thought that the commune and city members who aided the
researchers would have time to relax and review the reports in peace and
quiet. To recap who the researchers are and where they can be found:

In New Celest, Bubbllosh Feilm is in the lush reading room of the
Lodestar Athenaeum.
In Magnagora, Vittoria d'Lardick is in the laboratories beneath the Zoo.
In Serenwilde, Mapee Thistlefur is in the laboratories on the top floor
of the Woodbine Lyceum.
In Glomdoring, Kiyan Darkeye is at the altar to the Wyrd.
In Hallifax, Belwen Manchova is in the laboratory of the Natural
Sciences and Higher Energies.
In Gaudiguch, Issrah Miim can be found just outside the commodities

Anyone who reviewed the reports, however, would realize that the
glowbats they had captured or hunted were but a part of this curious
creature's lifecycle. The next stage of the lifecycle, peculiar looking
snakes, has begun for the many glowbats left in the wild. These snakes
wander the roads and mountains of the Basin of Life, sometimes
entangling with each other to form multi-snake creatures called

On top of this new glowbat development, an even curiouser animal has
been seen wandering about. Called "garosaur" by the Basin's linorii
researchers, these pups have been seen chasing the muku balls still
bouncing about. Muku balls are not all they have a taste for, though, as
they enjoy eating the snakes and medusas which have recently
proliferated. They are still too young to catch the snakes and medusas
themselves, however, so some assistance is needed. Indeed, Lady
Nightingale Vatul Feyranti was the first to discover that feeding these
garosaur pups to satiation would force them into a cocoon stage.

In the month of September, there will be a daily quest to turn in a
single garosaur cocoon to your city or commune's researcher. Please note
that a garosaur will only develop a cocoon about itself if it has been
well fed on the linorii snakes and medusas. Doing the daily quest for 21
days out of the month will land you a fortune cookie! You may use
QUESTEVENT to track your progress towards the prize.

And for those who aided the researchers last month, be sure to visit
them again and read the reports they wrote on the linorii glowbats!
There's no telling what useful information may be gleaned from them.

Penned by My hand on the 9th of Roarkian, in the year 510 CE.

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