Monk Archetype

Martial arts were developed and refined by the kephera and illithoid during the Undervault Wars, and they were subsequently taught to the upper world people in the Basin of Life. Training begins with learning kata, the basic form of unarmed combat, and then advances to mastering unique weapons in the various specializations, such as the shofa knives used in shofangi. The kephera and illithoid also both developed a unique form of psionics called psychometabolism, which is the absolute mastery of one's own body. Some monks prefer to forego this mental development and study acrobatics instead. The kephera taught the monks in the Serenwilde Forest Commune and the City of New Celest a form of spiritual communion, called Harmony, while the illithoid taught the monks of Magnagora and Glomdoring the secrets of Stealth.

Monk Guilds